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Spectrecology's Story

miniature spectrometersSpectrecology started in 2007 when its founder, Mike Morris, resigned as President Of Ocean Optics. Mike was the founder of Ocean Optics in 1989, and led the company through two private equity investments, two acquisitions, the start of Ocean Thin Films and the sale of the company to Halma Plc in 2004.

Ocean Optics began with an SBIR grant from the Department of Energy to make a fiber optic pH sensor as part of an instrument designed to study the role of the oceans in global warming. While designing the pH-monitoring instrument, Mike and his partner Roy Walters wanted to incorporate with their sensor a spectrometer small enough to fit onto a buoy and were surprised to discover none existed. Since we had already quit our jobs, we had no other choice. We invented one!

In 1992, just 1 month after the end of their SBIR grant, Mike & Roy launched tthe Worlds First miniature fiber optic spectrometer -- nearly 1,000 times smaller at 1/10 the cost of conventional systems.

By April 1992, just 30 days after the successful completion of Phase II of the SBIR grant, Mike introduced the S1000 -- "The World's First Miniature Fiber Optic Spectrometer." As a result of the dramatic reduction in size and cost of optical sensing systems, applications once deemed too costly or technologically impractical using conventional spectrometers were not only feasible, but easy!

Now more than 20 years later, Spectrecology & Ocean Optics have placed almost 200,000 systems worldwide and enabled thousands of different applications -- from cancer detection and color matching to plasma monitoring and particle size analysis. Our spectrometers have been specified everywhere from research vessels in the Gulf of Mexico to the Mars rover that just landed.

Spectrecology is here to solve problems! .

We sell Ocean Optics, Wasatch Photonics, Energetiq and Photon Machines photonics and optical sensing hardware. We develop new applications and new products including optical oxygen sensor systems. But, our favorite products are the beautiful quartz cells and cuvettes from Starna!. These are highly functional and exquisitely made pieces with exceptional optical clarity. There are so many varieties we designed our website around a picture atlas concept. We now sell cuvettes all around the world.

Mike is still active at the Director level for Ocean Optics and continues to develop new technologies and medical products using optical sensing.

If you have a problem, business opportunity or just a question, please feel free to contact Mike at any time!

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Ocean Optics SBIR research cruise, Mike and Roy deploy world's first fiber optic pH sensor
Mike Morris and Roy Walters aboard the RV Bellows circa 1992.  We are getting ready to lower our "Autonomous Fiber Optic pH Sensor" for measuring Ocean acidification and the impact of CO2 on global climate.

The system contained the world's first miniature fiber optic spectrometers, onboard computer, light sources and power. the pH sensor used immobilized phenol red film mounted between two optical fibers.

Within 2 months of the completeion of our SBIR, we launched the S2000 spectrometer. Over the next 15 years we introduced 1 new product per week, enabling the use of our spectrometer in thousands of applications. 

Just this year, our spectrometers landed on Mars as part of the ChemCam system on the spacecraft Curiosity.

Ocean Optics remains one of the coolest companies in Photonics!