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Business & Design Values

These are the core values that defines how we designed products and how we designed our business.

Openness  Our customers are innovators, researchers, scientists and engineers. Knowing how you got the data is just as important as getting good answers. You need to defend your measurements, and you can't do that with "black box" pre-packaged instruments. We show you everything, the hardware design, the raw data in software and the real physics limited performance specifications.

User Controlled Signal Processing  Our customers can set all relevant parameters that affect the signal to noise and accuracy of the data. This is not your conventional "user friendly" dumbed-down system. You design the experiment, the optical set-up and the data analysis technique, and you have the power to use the software any way you see fit.

Modularity  Spectroscopy is a system of design trade-offs limited by Mother Nature and the Laws of Physics. You don't need additional constraints imposed by the design engineer! We make everything modular so you make the design trade-off decisions. You pick the grating, the slit, the detector, the optical fiber, the accessory lenses and light sources. We will offer our opinions and suggestions, but we will let you make the choices.  Modularity means you get a system optimized for exactly you and your application, not what some marketing guy thinks is the target market we should pursue.

Smaller, Cheaper and Fast to Market  We believe that spectroscopy is not for elite, we want to bring it to the masses. Making things small means less materials being used, less waste products, lower costs and a chance for a broader set of applications.  Time is money too, and our modular approach and willingness to take on new projects lets you get your experiment started or you new product to market faster.

Flexibility  Who needs rules?  We have the world's most flexible set of tools and products, and we deal with customers on an individual basis. If our rules or policies or just bad habits are standing in the way of your success, we will change them.

Contrarians  This is a polite way of saying we don't care for conventional wisdom. We were told by venture capitalists, marketing consultants and lots of experts in the industry that a miniature spectrometer wouldn't work, that modular systems wouldn't sell, and that people "just want the answer"  we built a real successful business ignoring those folks. So when we hear "you can't" or "you must" our contrarian hackles rise and we start to ask "Why"

Having Fun, Making a Difference  Having our spectrometers crash into the moon, and landing on Mars didn't really make us any money, but it was really fun. And, in a small way, we added something positive to the world. Even more gratifying are the now hundreds of businesses that have started and flourished with products that have our technology inside. We are even proud of the folks who spun out and became our competitors.  We helped create probably thousands of fun, rewarding jobs over the years, and we have helped thousands of grad students get data for their theses, and professors get data that helped them get grants and discover new things.  We even have helped a few high school students win Science Fairs.

Giving Back   We love to give talks and seminars to students, especially on the topic of starting a business and entrepreneurship.  We are always here to offer technical advice and ideas for your optical sensing projects.  Please feel free to call us or email us anytime.