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Cuvette Picture Atlas


macro cuvette open top lid Starna Style 1

Macro quartz cuvette with stopper Starna Style 21

semi-micro quartz cuvette, Starna Style 9

quartz cuvette semi-micro self masking Starna 9B

semi-micro quartz cuvette with stopper Starna style 29

cuvette semi-micro self masking black quartz Starna style 29B

Style 1 Standard rectangular

Style 21 Standard Rectangular with stopper

Style 9

Style 9B Semi-micro Self Masking

Style 29 Semi-micro with stopper


Style 29B Semi-micro Self Masking with stopper


Quartz micro cuvette open top, Starna Style 18 Black quartz cuvette, micro, self masking Starna Style 18B Micro cuvette with stopper self mask black quartz
Style 18 Micro Cell
Style 18B
Micro Cell
Self Masking
Style 28
Micro Cell with stopper
Style 28B
Micro Cell stopper Self Masking
Style 16
Sub-Micro Cell
Self Masking
Style 26
Low Head Space Cell, thermal melt
Style 17
Micro Cell Short
Style 17B
Micro Cell Short
Self Masking
Style 19
Ultra-Micro Cell
Style GL-14
Screw Cap Cell
Style GL-14B
Screw Cap
Absorb Self Masking
Style 20/C
Short Path Length Demountable
Style 20/O
Short Path Length Demountable
Style 48
Short Path Length
Flow Cell
Style 49
Short Path
Flow Cell
Style 71
Flow Cell
Standard & Semi-Micro
Style 47
Flow Cell
Standard & Semi-Micro
Style 583.4
Threaded Flow Cells
Medium Aperture

flow cell wide aperture short window
Style 585.1
Flow Cell
Ultra Micro
Style 585.2
Flow Cell Sub-micro
Style 585.3
Flow Cell round aperture

Style 583.65
Flow Cell wide aperture
Style 583.65.65
Flow Cell wide aperture short wiundow
Style 584.4
Flow Cell, short pathlength

Style 31
Cylindrical Cell

Style 31B
Cylindrical Cell

Style 32
Cylindrical Cell

Style 34
Cylindrical Cell

Style 35
Cylindrical Cell
Style 37
Cylindrical Cell

fluorometer cuvette open top

semi-micro fluorescence cuvette quarts glass or IR quartz

Style 3 Fluorometer Cell
Style 23
Fluorometer Cell
Style 28F
Fluorometer Cell

Style 29F
Fluorometer Cell

Style 9F & 18F Micro and semi-micro fluorescence Style 16F

Style 3-3.45
Fluorometer Micro Square Cell

Style 23-3.45
Fluorometer Micro Square Cell stopper
Style FCA3
Fluorometer Micro Square Cell Adapter

Style 4

Style 55/57
Tandem or Divided
Style 3F & 9F GL14
Screw Cap Cell

   cuvette inline flat for microscope

Style /MS
Cell for Magnetic Stirrers

Style 45
Microscope Flow Cell

Style 52
Dual Pathlength

Style 53
Dual Pathlength stoppered

 Style 65
Constant Temperature Cell

Style 62/63
Constant Temperature Cell
 Style 46F/47F
Fluorometer Flow Through
Style 71F/72F
Fluorometer Flow Through
 Style 583F
Fluorometer Flow Through

 Style DLC
Dye Laser Cell

 Style /GS
Cell with Graded Seal

Style Colorimeter Cell


Disposable Cuvettes
Cuvette Rack
Optical fiber assemblies, patch cords, reflection probes and more
Style 6BF
Fluorescence Reference Set

 Cleaning and Accessories UV/VIS References
      cuvette holder fiber optic            

QE65Pro-FL Back thinned cooled CCD array fluorescence spectrometer NIRQuest NIR spectrometer 900-1700nm, cooled InGaAs array UV-VIS Spectrophotometer
for absorbance 200-850nm
Fiber Optic Cuvette Holders