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Disposable Cuvettes
disposable cuvettes UV VIS fluorescence macro semi-micro and ultra-microDisposable cuvettes for UV and VIS applications. Made from polystyrene or UV transparent polymers. Macro, semi-micro and ultra micro sizes. Caps and lids are extra. 

UV (220-900nm)     VIS (340-900-nm)   PMMA (300-900nm) 

New!  Disposable Fluorescence cuvettes, have 4 clear sides. Macro volume, available in VIS and UV

SE-202228  UV  $69.00/100          SE-202295  VIS  $29.95/100

 UV Disposable Cuvettes 220nm - 900nm

ultra micro UV disposable cuvette

Ultra Micro, z=8.5 on left, z=15 on right

High tech polymer is UV transparent, down to 220nm. Pathlength is 10mm, fits in all standard spectrophotometers equipped for square 1cm cuvettes. Use square covers (ordered separately) Click for chemical compatibility

Ultra-micro cuvette (#759220 pack of 100) has a 70 ul volume and a 15mm z dimension or window height. click to buy online   You can select the 8.5 mm z dimension and pk size under options.

Use  (#759240 pk of 100) round caps with the ultra micro cuvettes

Comes in 4 colors (choose under options)

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ultramicro disposable UV cuvette

 New! Individuallly wrapped ultra-micro cuvettes (#759235 pk of 100) are certified to be DNA, DNase and RNase free.


spectrophotometer cuvette

Macro (left) and semi-micro (right) UV Cuvettes

Macro UV cuvettes (#759170 pk of 100) hold 2.5 - 4.0 ml of sample and have straight inside walls. Use with square caps.  Click to buy online

Semi-micro UV cuvettes (#759150 pk of 100) hold 1.5 - 3.0 ml. Use with square caps.  These semi-micro cuvettes also work well for fluorescence measuremenets. Click to buy online

 VIS Disposable cuvettes 340 -1000nm

matched cuvettes

Macro (left) and semi-micro (right) polystyrene (VIS) cuvettes

Macro cuvettes (759071D) are 2.5 -4.5 ml
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Semi-micro cuvettes (759076D)  are 1.5 - 3.0 ml
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Square Lids for VIS cuvettes

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PMMA Cuvettes

Poly methyl methacrylate cuvettes offer transmission down to 300nm. They are available in macro and semi-micro versions and use the square lids.

Macro PMMA (#759081D pk of 100)

Semi-micro PMMA (#759076D pk of 100)

transmission spectra of various cuvette materials, quartz, polymers

Cuvette Rack

Polypropylene rack holds 16 standard cuvettes in numbered positions. Autoclavable to 121ºC
flow through cell

Cuvette Rack (759500)