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Extended Range Spectro

XR-Series Miniature Fiber Optics Spectrometersminiature fiber optic spectrometer covers the whole Si detector rnage, 200 - 1100nm
The XR-Series of Extended Range Spectrometers from Ocean Optics are responsive across a wide spectral range, providing you an optical resolution of ~2.0 nm (FWHM) and the convenience of a single, monolithic spectrometer to cover all wavelengths from ~200-1050 nm.

The XR Option is now available for our USB2000+, Jaz-EL200 and USB4000 Spectrometers and in custom systems.

Special Grating Extends Wavelength Range

The ability to provide UV-NIR coverage in a single miniature spectrometer has always been a challenge and daisy-chaining multiple USB spectrometers is not always practical or convenient.

Enter the XR-Series. Thanks to its new 500 lines/mm groove density grating, we can now offer our flagship spectrometers with broader spectral coverage and good optical resolution. This grating delivers 850 nm of spectral range and is blazed at 250 nm. Because their optical bench designs are not affected, the USB2000+, Jaz-EL200 and USB4000 experience no trade-off in performance with the new grating.

Preconfigured Broad-Range Options

Our XR gratings are integrated into three familiar spectrometers - each preconfigured for general-purpose UV-NIR applications.

  USB2000+XR USB4000-XR Jaz-EL200-XR
Spectrometer Type: USB2000+ advanced electronics spectrometer USB4000 general-purpose spectrometer Jaz modular sensing suite with battery for portability
Grating: Grating #31, 500 lines/mm, blazed at 250 nm Grating #31, 500 lines/mm, blazed at 250 nm Grating #31, 500 lines/mm, blazed at 250 nm
Spectral Range: 200-1050 nm 200-1050 nm 200-1050 nm
Entrance Slit: 25 µm 25 µm 25 µm
Optical Resolution (FWHM): ~1.7-2.1 nm ~1.7-2.0 nm ~1.7 nm
Order-sorting filter: Yes Yes Yes
Detector collection lens: No No Yes
Battery module: No No Yes
Starting at: $3,595 $3,595 $4,190

fiber-optic spectrometers
Spectra of DH-2000-DUV & FOIS at 2 seconds
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