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The HR2000+CG Composite Grating Spectrometer is preconfigured with our HC-1 Grating. This proprietary variable-blazed grating was specifically designed to provide full spectral output throughout the 200-1050 nm range.
Also, the HR2000+CG optical bench is preconfigured with a 5 μm slit for excellent optical resolution and our OFLV-200-1100 Variable Longpass Order-sorting Filter to eliminate second- and third-order effects.
The HR2000+CG is ideal for biological and chemical applications where fast measurements and high resolution are needed.


- Broad UV-NIR response
- High resolution (1.0 nm FWHM) over entire available range
- Captures up to 1,000 full scans per second
- Programmable microcontroller
matched cuvettes

solar spectrum with Frainhofer lines