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We took a page from our USB2000+ miniature spectrometer and built the Jaz spectrometer module to be just as powerful and just as accurate. The system’s 2048-pixel, Sony ILX511B linear silicon CCD array detector delivers outstanding performance and -- though Jaz’s Czerny-Turner optical bench may be familiar -- the rest of the Jaz spectrometer module is anything but ordinary.

Replaceable Slits
Unlike the fixed slits in most spectrometers, Jaz allows you to change your entrance aperture to suit your application. Most Jaz slits are 1 mm tall and come in various widths from 5 to 200 μm.

The Jaz DPU module combines a powerful onboard microprocessor and 128 x 64 OLED display that delivers clear and vivid viewing of spectra in real time. This clever user interface features an intuitive menu-driven system and touchpad and is available in two orientations to ensure convenient operation. Its embedded microprocessor provides quick and reliable data processing and easily orchestrates up to 8 spectrometer modules for multipoint sampling.

Vertical Integration
Jaz modules stack into a complete system serviced by a high speed bus. All modules talk to each other, and the modules can be changed and moved around by the user. Modules include multiple spectrometers, light sources and communications devices.

In Jaz, modularity takes on a new dimension – the “z” dimension. Our configuration stacks modules vertically, with each layer adding more functionality. The drawing above conveys all the options available for making spectral measurements. Toward the bottom of the stack you’ll notice the NeoFox Sport. NeoFox is its own instrument – the detector part of our optical oxygen sensor systems – and wouldn’t appear in a stack like this, but we included it here to demonstrate that the Jaz architecture can be engineered into other types of monolithic, portable sensing devices.

Jaz Spectrometer Module

- Benchmarked to the performance standards of the USB2000+ Spectrometer
- 200-1100 nm Sony ILX511B CCD array detector
- Multiple gratings available
Jaz DPU Module
- 128 x 64 OLED display
- Choice of two screen/button orientations
- Embedded microprocessor for data processing
- Custom programmable scripting
Jaz Ethernet Module
- 100 Mbps, IEEE 802.3 compliant connectivity
- SD card slot
- Enables remote access via any computer on the same network
- Single-cable solution that provides PoE
Jaz Industrial Module
- Communicates with RS-232 and RS-485
- Provides analog and digital inputs/outputs
Jaz Battery Module
- Lithium-Ion battery for up to 8 hours of use
- Rechargeable from Ethernet, USB or external power supply
- 2 SD card slots for memory and other functions
Jaz Light Source Modules
- VIS-NIR Tungsten Halogen
- UV-VIS Deuterium-Tungsten Halogen
- Pulsed Xenon
- LED options
Jaz Side Mount Module
- Lets you affix Jaz to tripod, breadboard and more
- Has ¼”-20 threaded mounts on three sides of the module
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