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LIBS  Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for fast repeatable elemental analysis with no sample preparation

Benefits of LIBSLaser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of gemstones taken with Insight LIBS system

·         Rapid analysis

·         No sample preparation for most samples

·         Sensitive (50-100 ppm easily) to a wide range of elements

·         Simultaneous reporting of elements

Applications of LIBS

·         Materials sorting

·         Elemental analysis (quantitative)

·         Elemental ratio monitoring (qualitative)

·         Quality assurance / Process control

o   measurements of feedstocks

o   in-process measurements

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Analysis of Glass & Coatings in Industrial Applications using LIBS
Quantifying and Classifying Steel with Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
Determination of Fuel/Air Equivalence ratio and Discrimination of Gas Mixtures with LIBS

How do I find out more?  Call us to discuss your application. If its a good match with LIBS we can let you know. Our sales process usually involves testing feasibility with samples, optimizing the many options to insure the best performance and quoting a system that will fit your budget.

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Insight LIBS system from Photon Machines

Photon Machines’ Insight LIBS platform is a rugged LIBS system with everything required to make repeatable measurements in an industrial laboratory.  Computer-controlled x-y-z stages interface with real-time video to allow targeting of samples.  Users can build repeatable methods for replicate analysis, using custom autosampling interfaces that can be tailored to your specific application.  Broadband spectra obtained with the Insight™ allow multi-element sampling at each point.

Analysis spot sizes are user-controlled and can range from 5 microns to 2 mm – covering the range from microanalysis to bulk analysis.  Laser wavelength is determined after consideration of the predominant type of samples to be analyzed.

addLIBS™ and Pirouette™ software (Infometrix, Inc.) allow elemental analysis, material sorting and typing, and real-time chemometrics.

Questions & Answers, try our LIBS Blog!

ZAP educational LIBS platform from Photon Machines

Are you looking for an easy way to get started with LIBS?  Are you an educator or researcher wanting to bring LIBS in to your chemistry, materials science, or forensics laboratory at a reasonable cost?  The ZAP™ platform may fit your needs.  With the same on-board video and Chromium™ driver software as the more expensive Insight™, the ZAP™ comes with an affordable broadband spectrometer and a 50 mJ Nd:YAG laser.  addLIBS™ analysis software facilitates calibration with linear, multiple linear regression, and other common analysis methods.