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 Ocean Optics NirQuest near infrared array based spectrometers These small-footprint spectrometers cover various ranges from 900-2500 nm and are ideal for demanding applications ranging from moisture detection and chemical analysis to high-resolution laser and optical fiber characterization. Each NIRQuest spectrometer model is preset with optical bench and grating options appropriate for a wide range of NIR applications. We also offer a full range of slit, filter and grating options to optimize your setup for higher resolution
needs or other performance requirements.
- Choice of multiple spectrometer options for optimizing setups across the range from 800-2500 nm.
- Wide range of gratings, slits and accessories for maximum flexibility
- External hardware triggering function for capturing data when and external event occurs or to trigger and event after data acquisition
 Spectrecology has NiRQuest units ready to ship NirQuest Standard Units are ready to ship!

NIRQuest 512    900-1700nm, 512 element detector array

NIRQuest 256-2.1   1000 - 2100nm  256 element detector

NirQuest Options and Specifications

NirQuest spectrometer performance depends on the detector, the grating and the slit size. You can optimize your system for your application by choosing the right combination.  Detectors are InGaAs detector arrays. InGaAs has responsivity from 900 - 1700nm (0.9 - 1.7 microns). Enhanced InGaAs can doped to extent the range to 2500nm, but at lower responsivity and higher price.

Be sure to order low OH optical fibers for use with the NIR spectrometers.

Standard InGaAs detector options.

NIR fiber optic spectrometer Nirquest specifications

Enhanced InGaAs detector options



NirQuest electrical specifications
The electronics for all the NirQuest models are the same     

Detector Ranges and Slit - pixel resolutions

The wavelength resolution depends on the wavelength range covered and the slit image size. The resolution can be limited by the pixel size, so the pixel resolution is given for both 512 element arrays and the 256 element variety.

Order Blocking Filters and Grating selection

InGaAs detectors have some response to light below 900nm, and if the light is intense enough as would be the case for a laser, you will observe the second order VIS spectra mixed with the first order NIR spectra. This can be prevented by having an OF1-RG830m longpass filter installed in the entrance optics of the unit.

The grating options, resulting ranges and efficiencies are listed below. These are useful if you want to have a custom unit built.

colorimeter cells

            grating efficiency curves for Ocean Optics NIRQuest spectrometers

NirQuest Video