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Ocean Optics Spectrometers - NIR Spectrometer
Array based spectrometers -- feature a fixed optical bench, fiber input and an array of detector elements. Array based systems are a must for capturing transient phenomonae and are reccomended for high speed acquisition in general. Units are availble in ranges from 0.9 - 1.7, 1 - 2.2 and 1 - 2.5 um. All units work with LOH optical fibers with SMA input and use Spectrasuite software 
Array Based Spectrometers

Ocean Optics NirQuest InGaAs detector array spectrometers
NirQuest512  array based spectrometers come in versions that cover the near infrared spectrum from 900nm to as high as 2500nm.  Detectors are available in 512 element or less costly 256 element versions.  These Ocean Optics spectrometers work with Spectrasuite software and are controlled by USB 2.0 connection to Windows, Mac or Linnux.

NIR Accessories

cool red NIR light source carbide filament Spectrecology and Ocean Optics Cool Red NIR Light Source
The “Cool Red” borrows its name from stars that emit light mostly in the infrared part of the spectrum. It’s designed to fill the need of light sources for infrared fiber based spectroscopy.

The Cool Red accomplishes this by a unique optical and thermal design that couples light energy from a silicon Nitride emitter glowing at 1500 °Kelvin. For systems that require optical modulation, an integrated optical shutter can be modulated at frequencies of up to 200hz. The shutter can be driven externally through a 15 pin digital interface. If no external drive is available, the shutter can be driven internally by an integrated adjustable square wave generator. The frequency can be continually adjusted through the control knob on the front panel from .5hz to 200hz.. The digital output for this signal can be taken from the same 15 pin interface and used to synchronize other devices. 

To download a data sheet click here

Optical Fibers

LOH silica -- good for 350 - ~ 2400nm

Fluoride -- good for 400 - 3800 nm

Chalgogenide -- good for 2 - 6.5 micron range
P450-.5-FL  Fluoride, 04 - 3.8um range, 450um core, 0.5m  $925
P450-1-FL Fluoride, 04 - 3.8um range, 450um core, 1m  $1200
P500-1-CIR Chalcogenide, 2 - 6.5 um, 500un core, 1m  $599
CLens-25-ZnSe  ZnSe collimator 3-5 um (AR coated for that range, direct attach  $799
 CLens-25-Saphire  Saphire collimator, direct attach, 1-5um  $2000
 CLens-5-Sapphire  small collimator for fibers, 1-5 um  $599

direct attach or fiber collimator quartz and saphire Spectrecology

fused silica -- good up to ~2400nm
sapphire -- good for 1 - 5 um range
ZnSe -- good for IR range


Infrasil quartz -- good up to 2800nm