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Torus Spectrometer

 New variable groove density concave grating gives much lower stray light and better sensitivity. The a-thermal design is quite unique, with self aligning magnetic grating mounts.
Spectrecology's new Torus spectrometer Torus is a family of aberration-corrected holographic concave diffraction grating spectrometers that delivers low stray light, high
throughput and excellent thermal stability for a wide range of research and OEM applications.
Our initial Torus model is a Visible range spectrometer (360-825 nm) whose spectral range and low stray light make it especially useful
for measuring color. Its high throughput and great thermal stability make it ideal for demanding applications.
Like most Ocean Optics spectrometers, Torus interfaces with a computer via the USB port and couples to our line of SMA 905-
terminated optical fibers, light sources and accessories. Spectrometer operation is as simple as installing SpectraSuite
spectroscopy software and then connecting the USB cable from the spectrometer to the computer. Wavelength calibration coefficients
– unique to each spectrometer – are programmed into a memory chip right on the unit and the software reads these values from the

Holographic Concave Grating Design
Reflective concave gratings are concave mirrors that disperse light; the concavity of the grating reflects and focuses the light and the grating groove pattern disperses the light. These aberration-corrected concave gratings are known for their low stray light and high efficiency. The toroidal (the radius of curvature in the focusing and dispersion directions are different) grating used in Torus further enhances the aberration correction and efficiency.

For our Visible Torus spectrometer, we use a variable line spacing grating with 550 (+/-2) grooves/mm groove density at center and a blaze wavelength of 400 nm. Blaze wavelength is the wavelength of maximum diffraction efficiency and depends on bench design and other considerations.
Next Generation of High-Value Miniature Spectrometers
Torus is the first of a new line of Ocean Optics spectrometers distinguished by scientific-grade spectral performance in the compact, flexible bench design that is our hallmark.
Like our flagship USB2000+ Spectrometer, Torus uses a Sony ILX511B linear CCD-array detector. However, the Torus debuts a unique flat field optical bench design. The Torus has the same robust, high-speed electronics made popular by our USB2000+, but with improved throughput and less stray light due to the aberration-corrected toroidal grating. What’s more, Torus has good thermal stability. Its wavelength drift is mitigated and peak shape stays the same over a wide temperature range. As a result, Torus makes possible precision metrology, fluorescence and absorbance applications with demanding stray light and thermal stability requirements.

Torus Options
Torus is responsive from 360-825 nm and is available with the same optical bench accessories – slits, order-sorting filters and more – as our USB2000+ Spectrometer. The Torus accommodates SMA 905-terminated optical fibers, light sources and accessories. Free-space optical coupling is accommodated with standard C-mount adapters. Torus is fully operational in SpectraSuite software and is compatible with our OmniDriver and SeaBreeze software development platforms. Software is priced separately.

Typical Applications
Torus works well for applications where low stray light, high throughput and great thermal stability are necessary. Here are some examples:
- Absorbance of optically dense solutions (the smaller the amount of stray light present, the higher the absorbance values
that can be measured)
- Precision measurement of LEDs, lasers and other light sources
- Medical dosimetry in tissue and biological media
- Trace gas amounts in the atmosphere

Pick Your Torus

Concave Grating Spectrometer
Pre-configured with
25 µm Slit
Concave Grating Spectrometer
Pre-configured with
50 µm Slit and
Order-Sorting Filter
Concave Grating Spectrometer
Pre-configured with
50 µm Slit