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Range and Resolution 

Use our spectrometer wizard to calculate the range, resolution and relative sensitivity of Ocean Optics spectrometers. Click on the spectrometer model, grating #, and slit size. Hit the "Calculate" button. You will be asked for a starting wavelength, then all the pertinent performance parameters will be shown. "Relative sensitivity" is the estimated sensitivity compared to a USB2000+, 25 um slit, 600 line grating (set at an aribtrary value of 100). You can see the effects of changes in range and optical resolution on sensitivity. It does not include detector or grating efficiencies (as of yet!). Put your mouse over the grating efficiency chart and click to get the big image.

Range, Resolution & Relative Sensitivity

Spectrometer: USB2000+ USB4000 HR2000+ HR4000 QE65000 Maya Pro
Grating: #HC1 or XR #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14
Slit: 5 um 10 um 25 um 50 um 100 um 200 um