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pH Sensors

immobilized BCG pH indicator in sol gel, blue is alkaline, yellow is acidic 

Smart Cuvettes!  Re-usable cuvettes measure pH of liquids spectrophotometrically!

Our newest transducer materials are designed to encapsulate pH dyes for optical pH sensing. These materials can be applied to various sampling devices and combined with fiber optic spectrometers and accessories for convenient, non-intrusive monitoring. Consider our Smart pH Cuvette – a 1 cm x 1 cm cuvette, available in PMMA or quartz – that’s embedded with pH sensing material. Smart pH Cuvettes are great for the biological pH (5.0-9.0) range samples, are semi-disposable and require very little maintenance. Also, our pH-sensitive materials can be formulated as self-adhesive patches and integrated into various sample containers.




At a Glance

Size and materials:   1 cm x 1 cm PMMA cuvette
1 cm x 1 cm Quartz cuvettes available for specification applications such as high-temperature measurements
pH range: Biological range (5.0-9.0)
Temperature range: -5° C to +70° C for PMMA cuvettes
Accuracy: <1% of reading
Resolution: 0.01
Response time: 90% step response in 10 seconds
Factory calibration: All cuvettes come with factory calibration
Factory calibration reset: User needs 2 buffers (pH 1 and 11)
User complete calibration option: Users have the option to perform their own complete calibration
Sensor signal: Absorbance at 620 nm and 750 nm
Expendable parts: The PMMA cuvettes themselves are considered semi-disposable, meaning they can be used multiple times, but they are not intended for long-term permanent use
Usage lifetime: Cuvettes should be discarded and replaced once the maximum absorbance at pH 11 falls below 0.1.
Sterilization: Gamma, EtO
Temperature compensation: Van't Hoff Correlation, used for both discrete measurement pH correction and continuous pH correction.
Recommended Spectrometer  
Configuration: Any UV-VIS spectrometer can be used. Preferred spectrometer is 200-slit/grating-2/no lens.
  Either LS-1 (with blue filter) or white LED can be used as light source.


SC-PH-CVFL BCG-coated in 3.5 ml quartz cuvette $199
SC-PH-VIS1M-100 BCG coated 4 ml polystyrene cuvette (pack of 100) 1 blank $899
SC-PH-VIS1M-50 BCG coated 4 ml polystyrene cuvette (pack of 50) 1 blank $499
SC-PH-VIS1M-SAM BCG coated 4 ml polystyrene cuvette (pack of 8) $69

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