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Spectrecology is your source for spectroscopy, optical sensors and the best solutions to your UV VIS and NIR measurement problems.

FLAME!   Newest most exciting spectrometer from Ocean Optics --  FLAME replaces the USB4000 and USB2000+ with enhanced thermal stability, user interchangeable slits and LED status indicators. Best of all, prices stay the same!  Buy Online! And yes indeed, there is a trade-in offer!

*** Get $1,000 off your FLAME purchase when you trade in your old Ocean Optics spectrometer!
In fact we will take any manufacturers spectrometer as a trade-in!

New Systems for Rent!   
Nirquest512-2.2 NIR spectrometer 900 - 2200 nm and Neofox O2 sensor Systems have been added to our weekly rental program.

Free Microsoft Surface Pro III   with any order that includes a spectrometer and is >$5,000. Offer ends March 15th

SERS Substrates  Innovative manufacturing process creates reproducible gold SERS substrate on convenient slides. SERS amplified the Raman signal from a variety of compounds and useful for detection of drugs, explosives and anti-counterfeiting taggants
STS spectrometer with Rasberry Pi ready to ship!  The new Rasberry Pi comes preloaded with software for STS or USB2000+ spectrometers, and a wireless network usb device that serves up your spectra as web pages. This is ideal for rapid and low cost development of customized electronics for drones, hand-held devices and remote sensing applications.

Disposable plastic cuvettes for fluorescence -- 4 clear sides! These come in polystyrene VIS and PMMA UV compatible.

New Designs, SEOX Zero Drift Optical Oxygen Sensors. New designs feature embedded thermistors, screw cap sensors and plastic optical fiber sensors.These superior sensors work with NEOFOX electronics to provide exceptional stability and accuracy, superior hydro-carbon resistance and come in a variety of sizes and formats with built in temperature probes, screw on sensor caps or traditional dip coated fibers.  

We were the inventors of the World's First miniature fiber optic spectrometer when we founded Ocean Optics in 1989, and we have developed over 2,500 miniature fiber optic spectrometers, cuvettes, light sources, fiber optic probes and chemical sensors in the years since. We can design the perfect system that meets your needs and your budget. We have more than 25 years experience in developing applications in the UV-VIS and NIR spectral regions, and in developing optical chemical sensors for pH and O2.
Spectrecology is always flexible, we always back our products 100%, we provide the best technical and scientific support and we offer free shipping by UPS ground for orders over $100.  Thanks for taking a look!

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 QE65pro user changeable slits cooled CCD spectrometer  QEPRO  Exceptional cooled, back-thinned CCD array spectrometer

The all new QE65Pro features user changeable entrance slits mounted in user changeable SMA and FC fiber ports, a 15,000 spectra onboard buffer for uninterrupted spectral acquisition, and exceptional cooling control down to 0 C. The high quantum efficiency 2D array is back thinned for high UV response.
 NirQuest array spectrometers for the near infrared NIR range

 Near Infrared (NIR) Spectrometers
We use InGaAs detector arrays in our Nirquest line of fiber optic spectrometers. These come with standard Indium Gallium Arsenide CCD arrays for the 900 - 1700nm band, and enganced InGaAs for 900nm - 2100nm or 900nm - 2500nm versions.

     D2 deuterium tungsten miniature fiber optic source DH-MINI UV-NIR Tungsten Deuterium Light Source

The DH-mini is a broadband UV-Vis- NIR light source with intense output from 200 – 2500 nm in a compact package. It features 2,000 hours of bulb life, 12W input power and a small footprint 75 mm x 82 mm x 175 mm. Output is for optical fibers with an SMA termination
 STS UV VIS NIR spectrometers running on a web enabled Rasberry Pi Connect, Code, Create
Right Out of the Box

The STS Developers Kit is the easiest way to develop and integrate spectral sensing into your application. Leveraging the STS microspectrometer, a Linux-powered Raspberry Pi microcomputer, a Lithium Ion battery and an easily customizable software platform, the kit is built for out of the box WiFi and much more. Put it on a UAV, create a remote monitoring station, develop a handheld device – this is spectral sensing made quick, easy and flexible. 

 optical oxygen sensor for DO or gaseous O2 Optical Oxygen Sensors
Optical O2 sensors measure the fluorescence quenching by O2 of fluorophores excited by a pulsed LED. The fluorophores are captured in our zero-drift chemistries designed for use in water, gases, foods, slurries, solvents and other media.  The sensors are read by our Neofox phase fluorometer in either a USB lab format or a portable version called the Sport.

We have dozens of probe styles and even patches that can be read remotely.
EcoVis  Low voltage Krypton source 400-1500nm

Small footprint highly stable source with built in cuvette holder for VIS-NIR spectroscopy. The 1.3W bulb runs on 3.5 V. Two fiber ports are provide for coupling to external experiments.                
  fiber optic LED light source UV through NIR            UV - VIS Fiber Optic Light Sources
We have UV LED sources and high power VIS LED sources with advanced features like triggering and multichannel operation.
Our visible sources are tungsten halogen bulbs with high stability power supplies, for both illumination and calibration
Our deuterium and deuterium-tungsten combination sources come in advanced miniature models and high power bench top sized units.
Atomic emission lamps offer wavelength calibration

 FLAME UV-VIS Spectrometer

Newest spectrometer model from Ocean Optics. Now you can change the slit! Superbly designed slit assemblies with 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 um slit widths provide the ultimate in flexibility. New a-thermal design reduces temperature affects on wavelength and amplitude.

Like to trade-in your older model? Call us for the trade-in value towards your new Flame unit!

 Jaz portable UV-VIS spectrometer invented by Ocean Optics sold by Spectrecology              Portable Jaz Spectrometers
We took modularity to a new level with Jaz! You select Jaz slices from among spectrometers, light sources, ethernet and industrial interfaces and battery modules to add to the Jaz DPU and display. Then you add our modular fiber optic probes and accessories for the ultimate in flexibility.

You can reconfigure whenever you want! You can change the slit size, the number of modules, you can even change the display with our easy to use scripting language.      
 multi-channel high power LED driver  
Ceri Multichannel LED Driver

Powers up to 3 high power LEDS at once. Advanced features for spectroscopy, fluorescence and illumination include triggering, pulsed and CW modes and power level. For LEDS from 365nm to 630nm
 laser powered xenon source by Energetiq Laser Powered broadband source
This unique light source is a xenon discharge lampo that is powered by an IR laser. The result is a very small, well defined arc that has very high radiance -- making ideal to focus into optical fibers or other optical systems.  the lifetime is incredible as well, into the 10's of thousands of hours and still counting!
Spectral output is from 170nm through 2000nm. Models come free beam, or with collimating optics, or fiber coupled.
 Spectrecology's Spectrometer Rent to Own Program Rent to Own!
Our program is quite simple. You get the system you want, all new equipment with full warranties. We charge 15% of the purchase price per month, 1st and last month due at time of order. At the end of 7 months, you own the system.

We also have some selected systems available for weekly rentals. cuvette picture guide Cuvettes again!
We've got the highest quality cuvettes from Starna in virtually any variety you need: quartz, optical glass, IR quartz.  We also have Brandtech high quality disposable cuvettes, cuvette racks, cuvette lids, special holders, spacers and absorbance and wavelength standards in sealed cuvettes.

Download our Complete Quartz Cuvette Catalogue

Or, go to our cuvette website

Oceanview software for USB2000 and all the Ocean Optics spectrometers  Oceanview Softwarefor Ocean Optics Spectrometers

Great new features -- saves all parameters and setup on exit, active schematic to design, save and load data analysis.

Interesting Applications & Setups

Tissue spectroscopy -- reveals oxy and de-oxy hemoglobin concentrations.
Absorbance spectra of human tissue - hemoglobin analysis

ocean opticsThis spectra shows the Fraunhofer lines in the solar spectra. The data was obtained with an HR4000 high resolution spectrometer. These lines are absorption bands due to gases and volatile compounds in the atmosphere

Spectra taken on Mars by ChemCam with Ocean Optics spectrometerHere is one of the first spectra taken on Mars by the ChemCam system on the lander Curiousity.  The spectra was obtained using laser breakdown spectroscopy... a laser zaps a sample of rock (or dust in this case) and creates a 15K degree plasma that ionizes a tiny portion of the sample. As the plasma cools, electrons return to the atoms and release specific wavelengths of light.  the result is an instant elemental analysis.

ChemCam is a marvel in that it can do this at a distance, using a telescope to capture the spectra. Ocean Optics worked on the design of the space hardened spectrometers, which were based on our HR2000 bench concept.

Modular Spectroscopy makes all of these optical systems possible from a common set of parts

absorbance using modular Ocean Optics hardware

Absorbance of liquid samples in standard 1cm cuvettes

fluorescence of samples in cuvette with

Fluorescence -- 90 degree excitation with UV LED and detection with a QE65Pro.

reflection spectra using fiber optic reflection probe

Reflection -- using a 6 around 1 fiber optic reflection probe and a low stray light Torus spectrometer.

emission spectra of a laser using fiber optic integrating sphere and Ocean Optics spectrometer

Radiometry -- using integrating sphere to collect light from the sample source such as a laser

What makes Spectrecology different?

  • We have 20+ years experience with using spectroscopy to solve thousands of measurement problems.
  • When the tools to do a particular job didn't exist we invented it. we still do!
  • We stand behind our products 100%. We provide customer support, applications help and scientific consulting.
  • We always offer free shipping by UPS ground. We sell to anyone world-wide.
  • We always have lots of fun! 

Thanks for visiting our web site!  If you are a long time Ocean Optics customer, I'd love to hear from you. Let me know what you have been up to lately!  Best regards, Mike Morris

New Products!

 Pt poryfrin optical oxygen sensor with built in thermistor
Ultra-Stable Oxygen Sensors!
Our new SE-OX-PROBE-T125 is our best ever, virtually drift free, immune to water vapor and heat degradation. The probe has a built in thermistor and our new A type drift free or HCR hydrocarbon proof chemistry.
Hydrocarbon Compatible O2 Sensors!
Our new hydrocarbon resistant Pt based optical oxygen sensors work in most organic solvents, including toluene, acetone and aviation fuels.
            Oxygen O2 sensor for organic solvents
Disposable cuvette - 4 clear sides great for fluorescence. Comes in UV and VIS versions
4 side disposable cuvette for fluorescence
SE-112737 Inline Optical Filter holder 
 inline filter holder fiber optic

Filter holder with two SMA couple collimating lenses holds standard 25mm filters. Ideal for adding bandpass, high pass or low pass filters to your spectroscopy experiment, or light source. Available with quartz or sapphire collimators for UV-VIS-IR applications. Also works with your 74-UV style collimators
45/90 reflection probe holder lens holder

Multiple uses! The holder has ports at 45 and 90 degrees. The ports accept screw in fiber optic collimators, or an adaptor for R400 style reflection probes.
Vacuum compatible Collimator
fiber optic collimator quartz and saphire SMA

 Direct attach and Fiber in one.  Works with SMA fibers or as a direct attachment to Ocean Optics spectrometers and other SMA connectored products. Comes in quartz for UV-VIS and sapphire for IR.

 SE-112689 quartz lens collimator
SE-112720 Sapphire lens collimator
Aluminum Free Optical Feedthrough for Oceanographic Use 

 Oceanographic optical feedthrough from Spectrecology

This feedthrough/pressure is a 600um UV-VIS fiber encased in all stainless steel -- no Al parts to cause elctrolytic corrosion. The seal is provided with an "O" ring.
Wavelength Standards
HG-1 wavelength standard, availble with Hg,A, Xe or Ne gases
Low pressure atomic emission lamps, Hg, A, Xe and Ne provide an easy way to check or calibrate your spectrometer for wavelength accuracy. SMA port for optical fibers or can be used free beam as well.