UV-VIS Spectrometer

The UV-VIS spectrometer is a revolutionary device that lets you take accurate measurements using lab equipment or go mobile to get precision results out in the field. This device has applications across nearly every industry that requires reliable spectral analysis.

Spectrecology is your home for the complete line of Flame spectrometers, including S- and T-model units. We have different models to meet your specific demands. We’ll help you unpack how these devices offer all the advantages you’re looking for and assist you in picking the right one.

Key Features of Flame Spectrometers

The Flame spectrometer fulfills a wide range of needs for the commercial, industrial and academic sectors. We put over 30 years of experience into this design, using feedback from the lab and the field to ensure this device has all the features you need to take precision measurements. The Flame spectrometer’s capabilities include:

  • Plug and play connectivity: A micro-USB connection allows you to take your measurement devices directly to the sample for accurate measurements out in the field.
  • Reduced unit-to-unit variation: Our automated manufacturing processes ensure greater consistency from unit to unit, making them an excellent solution for OEM applications that demand reduced variance.
  • Excellent thermal stability: Flame spectrometers are the ideal measurement solution for applications with varying temperature conditions, including process monitoring, LED binning and light metrology.
  • Easy integration: The Flame spectrometer features USB and RS-232 ports for fast and easy integration with your existing system, making it suitable for engineering, manufacturing and other applications.
  • Indicator LED lights: Built-in LED lights provide a convenient visual reference that you can use to determine spectrometer status and operation. This feature is valuable for academic and professional use.
  • Simple adjustments: It’s easy to configure these devices to match specific requirements. You can adjust range, throughput and resolution and add filters, offering value to absorbance and fluorescence applications.
  • Interchangeable slits: User interchangeable slits make it simple to change resolution and throughput or switch between fluorescence to absorbance. This ability makes Flame spectrometers ideal for labs working with biological matter.

Featured UV-VIS Spectrometers

    • Flame:

The advantages of the Flame spectrometer are its ability to deliver high thermal stability and low unit-to-unit variation. It can switch from measuring absorbance to fluorescence in minutes. The Flame is popular in biology and general lab use.


This design fully integrates Visible-NIR and UV-VIS systems for measuring transmission and absorbance of liquid samples. FLAME-CHEM is an excellent option for research facilities and laboratories where users seek the flexibility and performance advantages of Flame-series spectrometers in a compact, small-footprint instrument.

    • USB4000:

The USB4000 design is similar to the USB2000+, including powerful high-speed electronics and an advanced detector to supply a high optical resolution and spectral response in a single unit.

Purchase or Rent the Equipment You Need

We know how important it is to get accurate measurements. We also understand that some needs are temporary. In other situations, it takes time to determine which devices and configurations are best for the job. Our team has you covered with a wide selection of equipment rentals pre-configured for your convenience and available at an affordable cost.

All purchases come backed with ongoing technical support from our expert team. We’ll help you make the right decision for your application needs. You can purchase new equipment outright or buy a rental you’ve been using and apply any paid credits to offset up to 50% of the purchase cost. Talk to our team about which option offers the most value for your organization.


Learn More About UV-VIS Spectrometers

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