Absorbance Measurement Accessories

Take absorbance measurements for spectroscopy with accessories from Spectrecology. We have accessories for many applications and markets.

About Spectrecology

Spectrecology has products for light measurement, chemical measurement, water testing and more. Our accessories are user-friendly and affordably priced. We entered the market in 1989 with the world’s first miniature fiber optic spectrometer and have created thousands of quality products since.

Uses for Equipment for Light Absorbance

Light absorbance equipment calculates how much light is absorbed by the chemical dissolved in the solution. You can use this information to analyze chemical concentration, purity, characteristics and reactions. Many of our accessories are compatible with Ocean Insight spectrometers.

Our Equipment to Measure Absorbance

Our spectrometer absorbance equipment includes the following options.

Cuvette Holder

Our cuvette holder is a compact device for 1-centimeter pathlength square cuvettes from Ocean Insight spectrometers and light sources. This device creates small footprint systems for measuring absolute absorbance in aqueous solutions. You can precisely position the cuvette with the spring-loaded ball plunger. We have models for plastic cuvettes and absorbance and fluorescence cuvette holders.

Cuvette Accessories

We have several covers for 1-centimeter cuvette holders. These covers block the ambient light from the sample chamber to facilitate more accurate readings. Choose from several models, including a plastic cuvette cover, 10-centimeter quartz cell and absorbance and fluorescence cuvette holder.

Industrial Stainless Steel Dip Probe

This dip probe integrates into process lines to mate with light sources and spectrometers. It assists with absorbance and transmission measurements in solutions. Light travels through one fiber and is reflected and redirected back to a receive fiber, returning the light to the spectrometer. This dip probe can be used in environments with 250 PSI and 300 degrees Celsius maximum conditions.

Industrial Stainless Steel Dip Probe Tips

Our probe tips screw onto the end of probe ferrules for Ocean Insight transmission dip probes. Spectrecology has pathlength options that are 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 millimeters. Choose between fixed or adjustable pathlength probe tips.

Peek Dip Probe

The peek dip probe measures the transmission and absorbance of solutions that are in harsh chemical environments. These tools are used with spectrometers and light sources, and they have an adjustable pathlength tip so you can measure different concentrated samples.

Peek Dip Probe Tips

Peek dip probe tips screw onto the end of probe ferrules for Ocean Insight transmission dip probes. They are available in pathlengths of 2-10 and 10-20 millimeters.

Stainless Steel Dip Probe

This dip probe couples to spectrometers and light sources to measure transmission and absorbance in solutions. You can get real-time sample monitoring from this device. Choose a wavelength range of 200-1100 or 400-2100 nanometers.

Stainless Steel Dip Probe Tips

These probe tips are spares for our transmission dip probes. Screw the tip onto the end of your probe ferrule. Choose between fixed and adjustable pathlength options.



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