Micro Spectrometer

An optical spectrometer is a scientific instrument that measures the properties of light over the electromagnetic spectrum. A spectrometer can measure light intensity in the ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), near-infrared (NIR) and visible (VIS) ranges. The flexibility, modularity and measurement speed of fiber-optic spectrometers are suited well for the application of spectroscopy in various industries, such as biology, metallurgy, medicine and safety and security.

At Spectrecology, we offer a wide range of spectrometers capable of various measuring options.

Spectrometers for Multi Applications

Specific wavelength range, measurement speed and degree of accuracy often determine the best spectrometer for a particular operation. The modular design, versatility and speed of Spectrecology’s general-purpose spectrometers make them a popular choice for many applications. Our line of general purpose and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spectrometers includes:

STS Series: STS spectrometers are compact and versatile. At less than 50 millimeters square, the STS delivers optical resolution, sensitivity and stability comparable to much larger, more expensive spectrometers. Its outstanding unit-to-unit reproducibility and rugged design make the STS series especially attractive for integration into smaller-footprint applications and setups.

STS-Radiometer: This radiometrically calibrated spectrometer features a cosine corrector to collect signals from a 180-degree field of view. Its small footprint is a convenient option for applications including LEDs, solar irradiance measurement and characterization of lasers.

USB2000+: Modular USB spectrometers are UV-Visible-NIR and can measure transmission, absorption, emission, color, reflectance and other elements. Their optoelectronics, compact size and scalability make them ideal for high-volume applications.

Spectroscopy Instruments for Rent or Purchase

Spectrecology has a wide variety of spectrometers to rent or buy at competitive prices. Renting is perfect for performing feasibility testing and short-term projects or trying a product before committing to buying it. We rent by the week or month, and also have a rent-to-buy program that allocates rental payment toward the final purchase of your equipment. Additionally, utilizing our rent-to-buy program or purchasing your equipment can ensure longterm usage and quality investment for more applications. 


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At Spectrecology, our goal is to provide optical spectrometers that are user-friendly, portable, high-performance and cost-efficient. To inquire about purchasing an instrument or seeing which is right for your application, contact us today.