Fiber Optics Accessories

With fiber optics accessories from Spectrecology, you can optimize your spectral analysis equipment for the precision results that your applications demand. We specialize in delivering advanced solutions, with the catalog and expertise to help you do more with your equipment.

Our Extensive Selection of Advanced Spectrometer Accessories

Fiber optics are a key component of many spectroscopic applications. Accurate measurements rely on quality equipment. We have everything you need available at competitive prices with an impressive list of accessories.

Of full list of fiber optics accessories includes:


  • Fiber optic cables: Our fiber optic cables include lab-grade and premium-grade patch cords. Options include UV-Visible (300 – 1100 nm), Visible-NIR (400 to 2100 nm) and solarization-resistant (180 to 800/200 to 100 nm) cables.
  • Fiber optic bifurcated cables: Bifurcated cables are bundled, fiber-optic patch cord assemblies featuring two outputs. These versatile cables come designed for UV-Visible (300-1100 nm) and Visible NIR (400-2100 nm) applications.
  • Attenuators: Attenuators are optomechanical devices that you can use to control the amount of signal (light) passing between two fiber-optic connections. You can use them to attenuate wavelengths from 200 – 2000 nm.
  • Electronic TTL shutters: Shutters allow you to block the light passing between two collimating lenses. They provide the functions you need to quickly and easily switch between taking light and dark measurements.
  • Optical switch: Our optical switches for Ocean Insights spectrometers work with systems with a single light source. You can use these fiber optic accessories to easily route and control the light flowing through your equipment.
  • Multiplexers: The MPM-2000 fiber optic multiplexer takes light heading to or from your spectrometer, plus another light source that you connect to the unit, and distributes it sequentially over multiple outputs.
  • Inline filter holders: Our inline filter holders connect to Ocean Insights miniature spectrometers. Using one of these holders lets you install round or square filters, then measure absorbance, transmission and other optical characteristics.
  • Linear variable filter kits: A linear variable filter (LVF) is a low-pass, high-pass and variable filtering device that you can use in absorbance setups to reduce stray light and fluorescence setups to block excitation energy.
  • Fiber optic adapters: We offer 1000 um fiber optic SMA 905 adapters configured for 200 to 1100 nm and 400 to 2100 nm wavelengths. Premium stainless steel or aluminum options are available.
  • Splice bushings: Our splice bushings are precision devices that connect two terminated items. These products are compatible with fiber optic cables and equipment with SMA 905/906 connections.


We manufacture these products, which means we’re intimately familiar with how they’re made, what they do and how they operate. Talk to our team for assistance in selecting the right accessories for your processes to ensure you get the tools you need at the best value.


Learn More About Our Fiber Optics Solutions

At Spectrecology, we have over three decades of experience designing, manufacturing and supporting a long list of world-class spectral measurement solutions. Our fiber optics accessories represent the leading products on the market. You can use these accessories to get more from your spectrometer and imaging equipment. Our experts will help you determine which of these and our other products are best suited for your budget and application.

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