Equipment Rentals

At Spectrecology, we know the importance of having the right spectral measurement solutions. Our rentals make it easy to get the equipment you need with solutions shipped anywhere in the country. We have a significant inventory of advanced devices available at affordable rates, along with the expertise to help you find the right package for your application.

For our equipment rentals, we offer two options to help get you started:

  • Short-term Rentals: By week or month rentals for short-term projects.
  • Rent-to-Buy Opportunity: Put rental payments toward the purchase of your equipment.

Get started with Equipment Rentals

Why Rent Spectral Measurement Equipment?

Spectrometers are versatile devices used in a wide range of field, lab and process applications. Businesses of all sizes need these tools to complete countless commercial and industrial processes. Spectral measurement devices also represent a significant investment. If you need a device long-term, it may make sense to rent first.

Rentals offer a convenient and affordable solution for getting the job done, especially in situations where:

  • You want to test devices out: Buying a new spectrometer is a big decision. Our rentals let you try different systems out to see which type and model deliver the best results for your applications.
  • You need something short-term: Rentals provide an easy way to get the advanced capabilities you need for temporary applications while helping preserve your overhead budget.
  • Make payments toward a purchase: Our rent-to-buy program allows you to put all rental payments towards the final purchase of your equipment.

Short-Term Spectroscopy Equipment Rentals

We rent systems by the week or month.

Renting is ideal for short-term projects, feasibility testing or getting familiar with the equipment or techniques before buying a system. It’s a simple three-step process:

  1. Fill out the contact form: We will contact you and set up your order.
  2. Pay for shipping both ways: Typically through UPS ground.
  3. Use your rental: Your rental starts when you get your order and ends when you send it back at the end of the rental period.

Rent-to-Buy Equipment Options

Rent to Buy Equipment Program

We offer a variety of products through our rent-to-buy program. With most suppliers, you lose the rental payments you’ve already made if you decide to buy the product. However, our rent-to-buy program allows you to reinvest 50% of your rental fees toward the purchase.

We provide two main types of product rentals, including spectrometer rentals and imaging equipment rentals. Our spectrometer rentals feature UV-Vis, near-infrared and Raman options. We rent Ocean Insight spectrometers because of our long history with the brand. Spectrecology CEO Mike Morris founded Ocean Insight when he invented the world’s first miniature fiber optic spectrometer in the 1980s.

Our imaging equipment rentals feature multispectral imaging, hyperspectral sensing and multispectral imaging technology. Multispectral imaging provides an array of pixel-level spectral filters which can display three to 10 bands. Multispectral sensing equipment combines imaging and sensing components in a small, customizable package with an on-chip filtering pack that can feature up to eight photodiodes. Hyperspectral imaging equipment is camera technology that focuses on capturing extensive wavelength range and spectral channels in high resolution, even underwater.

Benefits of Rental Options

There are several key benefits of our product rental program:

  • Product trial: You can try a product to ensure it’s the correct fit for your application and whether you want to make a purchase.
  • Cost efficiency: Grant- or donor-funded studies often have a firm budget, so a low-cost rental is easier to manage up front, but can lead to a long-term purchase.
  • New condition: While scientists commonly purchase used equipment to save funds, renting from Spectrecology guarantees an up-to-date, working instrument.
  • Feasibility study: When undertaking a large scientific experiment, you must ensure that you have the proper resources available to meet the plan. Renting equipment can help confirm that you have the correct equipment for the project plan.
  • Short-term projects: If a one-time project lasts for a month, purchasing a piece of equipment may not make sense. Renting is a cost-effective way to get the tools you need for any duration.
  • Long-term purchase: Our rent-to-buy program allows you to put rental payments toward the cost of your instrument. This can be a perfect option to offset the costs of certain products.
  • Training: It may help a team to rent a piece of equipment for training before a project begins. The team can learn to use the machine and make a purchase when the funds are available.



Should I Rent or Buy Spectroscopy Equipment?

When determining whether renting or purchasing spectroscopy equipment is your best option, you should consider several critical factors. After identifying the exact testing you need to perform and selecting the proper equipment for the job, you need to calculate how often you will use the equipment, how long you require it and the future return on investment. If you look at both options and the rental price is as much as buying it outright, it makes the most sense to buy it.

Since your decision will likely involve projected usage, you might consider looking at past usage patterns and similar types of tests you’ve previously performed. If the spectroscopy equipment’s versatility is low and the anticipated use is minimal, the case for renting is stronger. If you’re still unsure about renting or purchasing, you can choose a rent-to-buy program until your projected usage becomes clear.

Another vital factor is the amount of capital you have budgeted for the testing process. If you’re limited on upfront cash, renting is probably the best option.

Some of the advantages of buying over renting are as follows:

  • Equipment you own counts as an asset on your balance sheet.
  • If you plan on using the equipment over many years, the lifetime cost is typically more inexpensive.
  • You can use and modify the equipment however you choose.
  • You can sell the equipment when you’re done using it.

Our Equipment RentalsSpectral Equipment Rentals Available

We have a wide selection of rentals available at competitive prices. Our inventory includes a list of superior spectrometers, multispectral cameras and other systems built into turn-key packages that you can use to get precision results. Let our team know the processes you need to complete and the materials you’re working with, and we’ll guide you toward an appropriate selection.

Our full list of rentals includes equipment packages configured for measuring:

  • Irradiance
  • Reflection
  • Absorbance
  • Fluorescence
  • Near-infrared (NIR)

Each system comes with everything you need to get started. You can rely on our experts to provide you with remote training upon delivery and ongoing technical support for the duration of your rental agreement.

Renting is Ideal for Short Term Projects


Our Rentals Per Application


To Measure


Price Week/Month

AbsorbanceUV-VIS Spectrophotometer for 1cm cuvettes, 200 – 850nm.
Includes CHEMUSB4-UV-VIS, software, USB cable & several
UV plastic cuvettes, rent per week/month
$425 / $995
IrradianceVIS-NIR Spectroradiometer, 350-1000nm, includes
USB2000+VIS-NIR,fiber & cosine corrector,
calibration,rent per  week/month
$425/ $995
IrradianceUV-VIS Spectroradiometer, 200-850nm, includes
USB2000 spectrometer,fiber & cosine corrector,
rent per  week/month
$425 / $995
FluorescenceSpectrofluorometer, 200-850nm emission spectra
with UV or VIS LED excitation,rent per week/month
$425 / $995
ReflectionVIS-NIR Spectro-reflectometer, includes VIS-NIR
spectrometer,light source, reflection probe, 350-1000nm
$425 / $995
NIR – Absorbance,
Reflectance, Irradiance
NIR Spectrometer, options for absorbance,
reflection or irradiance, 900 – 2200nm, includes
NirQuest512-2.2 spectrometer and accessories,
rent per  week/month
$850 / $1950


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