Product Support Services

At Spectrecology, we provide equipment support services to assist customers with everything from calibration to registration. Whether you need help before you purchase the equipment or at any point in your ownership of it, our experts are here for you.

Support Services We Offer

The Spectrecology team offers numerous support services for your products and equipment, including:

1. Spectrometer Setup and Registration

If you need help registering spectroscopy equipment, the Spectrecology team can help. We have the expertise to help you set up your spectrometer, software and all other related equipment from our inventory. 

Our team will help guide you through the process of setting up the software, then the equipment itself. We’re always here to answer any questions you have about spectrometer and software setup and registration.

2. Calibration Services for Spectrometers

Our calibration services help you with oxygen sensor, radiometric and wavelength calibration. With our skilled technicians and in-house services, we can ensure your products are calibrated correctly and ready to perform. Our calibration services include:

  • Wavelength: Our wavelength calibration services can fix drift or other issues that occur due to changes in temperature or other conditions. Spectrecology in-house calibration services ensure your spectrometer wavelength is correct.
  • Radiometric: Our radiometric calibration service enables your spectrometer to take accurate irradiance measurements. We use a NIST-traceable light source process to calibrate your spectrometer’s radiometric features.
  • Oxygen sensor: Our oxygen sensor calibration works for specific experiments and work environments. We offer background and in-house optical calibration. Whether you need something standard or customized, our team is here to help.
  • Do-it-yourself advice: Our team can provide insight and tools for those who prefer to perform radiometric or wavelength calibration themselves. 

3. Lab Services

Our lab services include specialized facilities with advanced technology to help you realize your goals. We have machine learning and expert staff who can help lighten your load and empower you to solve problems. Partner with us for feasibility studies, consultancy and design, and other support offerings to help you advance toward your goals. 

The Spectrecology lab services are set at a fixed price and can be customized to your project needs.

Benefits of Spectrecology Services

Our support services ensure your equipment delivers peak performance for your operations. Whether you need help with initial setup and registration or call us to calibrate well-used equipment, our team has you covered. Other benefits of our services include:

  • Long-term support: We are here to assist from purchase to the end of your product’s life. We can also provide consultation and recommendations before you make a purchase to ensure the equipment you choose is suitable for your application.
  • Increased accuracy: One of the greatest advantages of our support services is that they keep your investments in prime operating condition. Calibration ensures you get the right results when using your products.

Contact Spectrecology for Support Services Today

When you have tough questions about setup, registration, calibration and other services for your spectrometer, trust Spectrecology for answers. Our extensive support services are here to answer your questions and ensure your equipment performs at its best. 

If you’re ready to start finding answers and seeing results, please contact us online today.