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Spectrecology has advanced equipment to help businesses in numerous industries. Our spectroscopy systems can measure irradiance, fluorescence, reflectance and absorbance, as well as trace amounts of specific material types, pollutants, chemicals, pH and more. All Spectrecology solutions are customizable to meet your precise needs.

Learn more about applications of our Spectrecology equipment below.

Environmental Monitoring With Spectroscopy

Adhere to environmental regulatory standards with spectral technology. In this sector, you can use Spectrecology products to:

  • Identify materials for recycling.
  • Measure erosion along the coast.
  • Conduct a biological and chemical health analysis on surface water.
  • Analyze emissions from boats or other ocean vessels.
  • Test or identify contaminants in water or soil.
  • Detect pollutants at factories.

Educational Applications

For educational researchers, it’s essential to have high-quality spectral equipment. Spectrecology products will:

  • Help increase access to exploration.
  • Provide flexibility and customization for your projects.
  • Enhance research methods over traditional instrument use.
  • Produce highly accurate and reliable results.

Medical and Life Science Uses

Using Spectrecology equipment in the medical and life science fields provides numerous benefits. Our products work in these fields by:

  • Increasing accuracy in different tests or disinfection applications to improve diagnostics.
  • Enhancing results analysis for non-invasive and non-destructive technology.
  • Increasing traceability and accuracy of trace chemicals or colorimetric assays.

Common direct applications include:

  • Imaging of wounds.
  • Manufacturing medical devices.
  • Monitoring patients.
  • Controlling quality.
  • Performing medical diagnostics.
  • Inspecting different materials.

Defense Applications

Spectral sensing equipment can aid people who work in defense and security applications. These tools analyze different materials far better than individual human senses can, helping to ensure accuracy. The defense industry can use spectral equipment to:

  • Detect and analyze narcotics like diazepam, heroin and MDMA.
  • Perform drug screens to find even trace levels of cocaine, THC or methamphetamines.
  • Analyze and detect trace amounts of the chemicals used to make explosives.
  • Complete forensic analysis for imaging blood or tissues and biometric identification.

Industrial Uses

Spectrecology equipment is useful for a variety of industrial applications, too. You can employ these products in the following sectors:

  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Food and agriculture
  • Government
  • Lighting
  • Lasers
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals

Benefits of Choosing Spectrecology for Spectroscopy Equipment

Spectrecology equipment can help people across industries in multiple ways. The advantages of using our products include:

  • Problem-solving equipment: Our equipment helps your team alleviate unknowns by providing identification and quantification of your sample set. 
  • Product variety: We offer everything from spectrometers to accessories, light sources, software, cuvettes and more.
  • Consultative services: Our team will provide professional advice and recommendations to ensure you receive the right products for your application.
  • Rental program: We offer a rent-to-buy equipment program for our clients. You can rent the products you need to test and use, and if you decide you want them permanently, your rental payments go toward the total cost of ownership.
  • Technical support: Our team will provide technical support on all purchases, free of charge. When you need help, our professionals will be there to assist.   

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We offer equipment for spectroscopy application by industry, ranging from environmental to the defense and medical fields. Our products measure anything from pH to light or chemicals in water, materials and more. Our products are cost-effective, portable, customizable and easy to use.

Our equipment will help you solve problems and analyze materials. At Spectrecology, we’ll provide anything you need for your application with our numerous product options. Use our rental program, consultative services and technical support to your advantage now.

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