Light Sources

Spectrometers use light sources of different wavelengths to perform precise measurements and capture the maximum amount of data. Switching helps achieve the high brightness and uniform light distribution necessary to reduce interference and get accurate results.

At Spectrecology, we specialize in distributing modular spectral measurement solutions, including a line of modular light sources suited for illumination, excitation and calibration. We have an impressive inventory of available products, including options for VIS (Visible), UV (ultraviolet) and NIR (near-infrared) wavelengths.

Advanced Light Sources for Different Applications

UV-VIS Light sources for spectroscopy feature sophisticated, highly regulated power supplies to ensure stable optical output. Our UV-VIS light sources are typically fibercoupled to connect with our various accessories and spectrometers. These devices can measure absorbance/transmission, reflection/scattering, fluorescence or Raman signals.

Light sources are also used as standards for optical power (radiometry) and wavelength. Some light sources are integrated into sampling optics for ease of use and compact presentation. The source suited for your application depends on how much of the spectrum you need to view.

Browse a Selection of Powerful Light Sources

We carry a wide variety of light sources produced by Ocean Insight. These industry-leading products have decades of innovation and experience built into their designs. They are high-performance devices that you can depend on to deliver reliable results in demanding environments and challenging applications.

Deuterium Bulbs

Deuterium bulbs provide a broadband continuous arc source. They are one of the few light sources that deliver excellent stability for UV applications, delivering high-intensity ultraviolet radiation with minimal infrared (IR) and VIS emissions.

Tungsten Halogen

Tungsten halogen lamps are stable, uniform, low intensity and long-lasting. They generate a constant distribution of light across the VIS spectrum with negligible UV emissions, making them perfect broadband continuous hot filament source for VIS and NIR.


Combination bulbs feature the co-linear arrangement of a tungsten halogen lamp with a deuterium lamp. This multipurpose design provides you with the capabilities of each light source, making combination bulbs ideal for viewing the full UV, Visible and NIR light spectrums.

Pulsed Xenon

Pulsed xenon light sources are broadband pulsed arc lamps that produce a spectral output similar to that of sunlight. They use a single, high-intensity bulb to generate an output covering wavelengths across the UV-VIS light range. 


LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are high-intensity, narrowband, continuous light sources. LEDs typically feature multiple light sources as part of a large unit. They can include variances that allow you to cover a wide spectrum of UV and IR wavelengths.

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At Spectrecology, we carry a great selection of modular spectral measurement solutions and we offer these products nationwide. This inventory includes our light sources, plus a wide range of other products and services. We also have the expertise to match you with the products you need that suit your available budget. 

Let us know what you need. We’ll set up a free consultation and work with you to determine which of our pre-configured systems and light sources is best for your application. Our team will help you find the most affordable option.

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