Reflectance & Transmission Measurement Accessories

Spectroscopy measurement applies to paint, plastic and textile. The spectrophotometer can test samples to determine if they are opaque enough. Opaqueness measurements matter — they determine if the paint will adequately cover the substrate or if the plastic will block light from the bottle’s contents. They also determine the quality of semitransparent textiles.

Our Spectroscopy Measurement Products

We have several spectroscopy reflectance and transmission measurement accessories available, including the following options.

Reflectance Probe

The reflectance probe measures specular and diffuse backscatter, fluorescence and reflectance from samples. We have various wavelength ranges and fiber core sizes with custom options available.

Reflectance Probe Holder

This device uses mechanical fixtures to position reflection probes that are 0.25 or 0.125 inches. It can be used for flat or curved surfaces with the probe positioned at 45 or 90 degrees.

Angle Reflectance Probe

Our angle reflectance probe reflects and backscatters measurements for dense solutions and powders. It has a 30-degree angled window. This angle reduces the effects of specular reflection to make measurements consistent.

Integrating Sphere-Reflectance

These spheres couple to Ocean Optics spectrometers. You can place samples in the sphere’s sample port, where the total integrated reflectance of the surface is measured. This accessory is best for opaque and highly directional samples.

Integrating Sphere Built-In Light Source

This product measures the total integrated reflectance of surfaces on a sample. Sphere size ranges from 6 to 8 millimeters, and gloss-trap options are available for measuring the specular component of total integrated reflection.

Reflectance and Transmission Fixture

This device is an optical stage or probe holder used for stand-off and close-range reflection measurements of optical layers and 150-millimeter diameter substrates.

Reflectance Standards

Our reflectance standards are used for Ocean Insight spectrometers. You can use them to measure shiny surfaces — like machine metals and semiconductor materials — and surfaces with low reflectivities, such as thin film and anti-reflective coatings.

Collimating Lens Holder

This lens holder mounts lenses in vertical and horizontal positions in threaded holes. Its flexibility creates several possibilities for setup. You can use it for transmission measurements of samples with 10-centimeter thickness.

Reflectance Probe Holder Adapter

This probe holder works for reflection probes 0.25 and 0.125 inches in diameter.


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