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At Spectrecology, we offer cutting-edge equipment for accurate measurement tasks to industries where it matters most. Take the guesswork out of your measuring with our tools, which we can design as a custom solution for your application.

Benefits of Purchasing

Spectrometer prices can translate into a large investment in your organization’s research tools. While renting is a viable option for many organizations, others choose upfront purchases for benefits such as:

  • Long life expectancy: We build our products to last with durable materials designed for repeated use, even in rugged environments. You also have access to manufacturer warranties and industry-leading technical support
  • Availability: When you own your equipment, it’s always accessible. No more waiting for rental deliveries and returns or availability challenges with a mission-critical piece of equipment.
  • Positive return on investment: You can resell equipment and regain some of the original capital you spent.
  • Customization: We can personalize your product for your application. Rental equipment may include default configurations that prevent you from individualizing them for your purposes.
  • Competitive edge: Investing in high-end equipment offers your lab, university or manufacturing facility the ability to deliver what competitors who don’t make equipment investments may not. New tools can also boost users’ productivity.

Products Spectrecology Offers for Purchase

Spectrecology offers a variety of spectrometer equipment for sale to solve measurement challenges for many applications, including:

Spectrometers are only part of the equation for achieving accurate measurements — that’s why we also offer a full suite of complementary components like:

Quote Requests

Spectrecology is synonymous with innovation and design. Our spectrometers have traveled from the depths of outer space to the depths of the ocean. We’ve helped doctors fight cancer, researchers develop medications and farmers analyze crops. When you’re ready to buy spectroscopy equipment, we’ll help you create a custom solution for your organization’s measurement needs.

We provide quotes to purchase spectrometer equipment throughout our site. If you are interested in customizing or purchasing as-is, fill out our quote request form and an expert team member will be in touch shortly with more information.