Light Measurement Accessories

Spectral analysis requires light sources for measurements, and light sources need the right accessories if you want to use them to their full advantage. At Spectrecology, we have you covered with a superior selection and our industry expertise. Our company is home to a large collection of light measurement accessories that you can integrate with your spectrometer, optical fibers or modular sampling accessories to improve process accuracy and efficiency.

Light Measurement Accessories for Spectral Analysis Applications

We have the solutions you need to get the most from your systems. The experts on our team can help you determine which accessories will help you get the results you’re looking to achieve with your unique application.

Collimating Lenses

Collimating lenses take incoming light and form it into parallel beams. You can attach these lenses to a spectrometer, use them with optical fibers or integrate them into your sampling equipment. Collimating lenses allow you to control collection efficiency, spatial resolution and the field of view to match your application. You can also use them to adjust collection and illumination angles.

These light measurement accessories are versatile and adjustable. They’re also durable and made from stainless steel with a black oxide finish. Options with single, achromatic and long focal lengths are available, with options suited for the Visible-NIR (350 to 2500 nm) and UV-Visible (180 to 2500 nm) ranges. Specific features and capabilities will vary by model.

Cosine Correctors

Cosine correctors are advanced optical diffusers that collect surface light signals across a 180-degree field. When connected to a spectrometer, these devices eliminate a range of optical interference challenges. They also prevent incident light from interfering with collimating lenses, fiber optics, integrating spheres or other sampling devices in your system for more accurate results. Our selection includes devices with diffusing material made from glass, Spectralon and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). Replacement parts are also available for select correctors.

Integrating Spheres

Integrating spheres are optical measurement devices that measure the total light emitted from a light source in all directions. They feature a light-reflecting, spherical inner wall surface that lets you create a light source with uniform intensity from all angles, regardless of the incoming light. These characteristics make it easy for integrating spheres to measure objects with reflective properties and helps eliminate sampling errors due to light saturation or irregular exposure.


Our C-mounts let you seamlessly connect a light source to a telescope or microscope so you can route it to your spectrometer for sampling and analysis. These mounts are compatible with optical fibers with SMA-905 terminations. They are for 1-in. optics, have a 0.5-in. usable depth and feature an adjustable focusing barrel.


Find Your Ideal Light Measurement Accessories

At Spectrecology, we have over three decades of experience designing and manufacturing innovative spectral measurement solutions and connecting them with people in the lab and out in the field. We’ll work with you to determine which products will help you create the optimal configuration for your operations.

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