High-Performance and High-Speed Spectrometers

One of the main differences between a general-purpose and high-performance optical spectrometer is enhanced optical resolution. High-performance spectrometers also offer amplified charge-coupled device (CCD) and complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) array designs. Additionally, high-performance spectrometers have a much higher dynamic range when measuring intensity resolution than most general-purpose spectrometers.

High-Performance Spectrometers

At Spectrecology, we offer some of the highest-performing spectrometers in their respective classes. These devices provide much faster data acquisition, higher sensitivity and improved quantum efficiency than their general-purpose counterparts. Our line of high-performance spectrometers includes:

QE-Pro: This scientific-grade spectrometer is ideal for researchers and industrial customers. Its broadband sensitivity, from ultraviolet (UV) to near-infrared (NIR), makes it suitable for many applications. The QE-Pro’s high sensitivity and thermoelectric cooler enable accurate and effective measurements at shallow light levels.
Ocean-HDX: The Ocean-HDX spectrometer design uses precision engineering, optimized components and a superior optical bench design to increase throughput, maximize optical resolution, maintain thermal stability and reduce stray light in industrial, integrated and research applications.
MAYA2000Pro: These spectrometers are outstanding for applications requiring high sensitivity, accurate UV-NIR response and wide dynamic range. Applications range from low light fluorescence and Raman measurements to absorbance, transmission and emission analysis.
HR: HR series spectrometers are high-resolution, smaller-footprint instruments suited well for applications such as gas and plasma testing, wavelength characterization of lasers and determination of elemental atomic emission lines.

High-Speed Spectrometers

When it comes to high-speed spectrometers, Spectrecology offers a full line of options for the Ocean FX design. The Ocean FX fills a niche in the market where robust communication protocols, high-speed acquisition and onboard processing is needed. Some benefits of the Ocean FX include:

  • Acquisition speeds up to 4,500 scans per second
  • Integrated processing for signal-to-noise (SNR)
  • Decreased data transfer time
  • Enhanced communication via USB

Higher-speed spectrography is especially beneficial in the following industries:

Agriculture and food: Acquisition speed assists with food processing and sorting.
Biomedical sciences: Spectrography provides absorbance measurements requiring enhanced UV sensitivity.
Security and authenticity: Added communication interfaces allow simpler point-of-use instruments.
Rapid events: Speed allows accurate measuring in flicker and fast color cycling in LEDs.

Spectrometers for Purchase or Rent

Whether you would like to try a product before purchasing it or purchase equipment for continuous application, Spectrecology offers rental or purchase options to meet our customers’ growing needs. We believe rentals provide affordable solutions to get the job done right and we have a wide variety of rentals available with cost-effective pricing. In addition, we have a variety of Spectrometers that can be purchased for long-term use.

All of our systems, purchases, or rentals, come with everything you need for your specific application. Our experienced staff will provide you with remote training and ongoing technical support throughout the rental period or for the life of your equipment. For more information on equipment quotes or the best instrument to purchase for your application, reach out to our team today.

Choose Spectrecology for Your Spectroscopy Needs

At Spectrecology, we have over 30 years of experience researching and developing applications in the NIR, UV-VIS and mid-infrared (MIR) spectral regions. Our goal is to provide our spectrology products for all applications and industries. To inquire about our various spectrometer models and other product lines, contact us today.