NIR Spectrometer

At Spectrecology, we carry a selection of advanced near-infrared (NIR) spectrometers for purchase or rent. These devices provide high-performance analysis in compact designs. You can use NIR spectrometers on a wide range of matter and materials to quickly determine chemical composition. We’ll help you find the best solution for your application and requirements.

Quickly Identify Complex Molecules

NIR spectrometers interact with light in the near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum to analyze samples and determine specific chemical or compositional traits. This device illuminates the target substance with light in multiple wavelengths, then measures how those wavelengths are reflected, absorbed, scattered or transmitted. The spectrometer analyzes these results and provides a fast readout, even on bulk materials with little or no sample preparation.

NIR spectroscopy is a fast, easy, convenient and accurate method for testing and screening products across multiple industries. Common industries include:

  • Biomedical sciences
  • Chemical production
  • Agriculture and biofuels
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Food and beverage engineering

You can use the results for quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis and process control. You can also use NIR spectrometers to measure sample protein, fat, starch and moisture content. Your application will determine which device is best suited for the job and in what capacity.

Compact NIR Spectrometers With Advanced Capabilities

We carry NIR spectrometers from Ocean Insight, the world’s leading Applied Spectral Knowledge company. These products provide a compact and portable solution for performing NIR spectroscopy, with various types and models available to meet your needs. You can pair any of these products with our Oceanview, Omnidriver or Omnidriver + SPAM add-on software.

NIR spectroscopy is helpful for product identification, classification and quality control, in addition to determining both chemical and physical product properties with rapid analysis in mind. Spectrecology offers two NIR general-purpose spectrometers:


The NIRQuest is a high-resolution device with a small footprint. This lightweight NIR spectrometer features rugged construction and no moving parts, making it suitable for use on the line, in the field or in the lab. You can use the NIRQuest to simultaneously collect spectral data from all covered wavelengths. Transferring the information is easy with a USB or optional RS232 serial adapter.

NIRQuest spectrometers have an enhanced optical bench design for higher sensitivity performance. These spectrometers work well in labs or assembly lines, like in a sample stream or conveyor belt. Applications include characterization of materials, identification of plastics in recycling, and measurement of the chemical concentration of liquids.

NIRQuest NIR spectrometers feature a 512-element Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs)-array. Capabilities vary by model, with options including:

  • NIRQuest+1.7 900nm to 1700 nm NIR spectrometers.
  • NIRQuest+2.2 900nm to 2200 nm NIR spectrometers.
  • NIRQuest+2.5 900nm to 2500 nm NIR spectrometers.


The Flame-NIR is a low-cost NIR spectrometer that puts advanced analysis capability in the palm of your hand. This handheld device has no moving parts, making it a reliable solution in demanding environments. The built-in InGaAs detector is accurate across wavelengths from 900 nm to 1700 nm. Thanks to a low power requirement (the Flame-NIR draws <250 mA at 5V), you can use this device anywhere you want precision results.

This NIR spectrometer employs the power of near-infrared spectroscopy in a cost-effective, compact instrument. It combines a high-performing, uncooled array detector with the small size of an optical bench.

Spectrometers for Rent or Purchase

When you buy an NIR spectrometer from Spectrecology, you’ll get free ongoing technical support with your purchase. You can also choose to rent the NIR spectrometers you need, whether you need something short-term or want to try before you buy. Our rentals are available by the week or month, with shipping directly to your location. As an added advantage, when you decide to purchase your NIR spectrometer, we can apply your rental credit to cover up to 50% of the item purchase value should you purchase the device.

Learn More About Our NIR Spectrometers

Contact us today to learn more about our available products. Our experts will help you determine which device is best suited for you and set up your rental or purchase agreement.