Oxygen Systems

At Spectrecology, we offer eight oxygen sensing instruments for measuring the proportion of oxygen in a liquid or gas sample under analysis. These tools are useful across industries, from biological samples and foods to headspace gases and cosmetics. Our technology features USB and Bluetooth connectivity for easy data transfer to a PC or Android device. These products also have an eight-hour battery life for portable convenience. Whatever your oxygen sensing equipment needs, we have a solution for you.  

Electro-Optical Module (EOM)

An electro-optical module harnesses the power of an electric field to change light’s polarization when it touches a crystal with a birefringent, transparent surface. Once the electric field achieves modulation, the Pockels cell becomes a modulator and the electric field is parallel to the propagation vector of the light. 

Patches for Non-invasive Measurement

These oxygen patches accurately draw out glucose levels without requiring a patient’s blood sample. An arrangement of miniature sensors uses a small electric current to retrieve glucose housed between the cells and across the surface of hair follicles. These patches are available in several sizes and on different materials, including polymer and glass substrates.

Dip Probes Without Embedded Thermistor

Dip probes enable measuring transmittance and liquid absorbance without the use of a cuvette. The user dips the probe into a liquid sample, the measurement occurs and a fiber relays the light source to the tip. The mirror collects the signal and another fiber relays the signal to the spectrometer. The dip probe comes with standard factory calibration. 

Dip Probes with Embedded Thermistor

These dip probes replace a cuvette by measuring transmittance and liquid absorbance. The process occurs when a user dips the probe into a liquid sample. After the measurement takes place, a fiber relays the light source to the tip as the mirror collects the signal. Ultimately, a different fiber transmits the signal to the spectrometer. The dip probe comes ready with standard factory calibration. 

Plastic Fiber Probes

Flexible plastic fiber probes are ideal for monitoring dissolved oxygen in biological environments. These instruments can also monitor dissolved oxygen in the treatment of wastewater. 

Temperature Sensor

The thermistor probe is ideal for measuring very small changes in temperature. You can pair it with a dip probe without an embedded thermistor, which will reveal the temperature at the top of the probe by the oxygen sensor. 

Fiber Optic Reflection Probes

This glass fiber-optic reflection probe is the perfect solution for excitation and collecting light off sensor patches. The probe can detect specular and diffuse reflectance, fluorescence and backscatter of various materials.

Luer Lock Needles

These needles are compatible with Luer Lock syringes. Manufacturers build Luer Lock needles based on a universal standard of controls so that there is compatibility between various manufacturers. The Luer Lock itself uses a standard tapered termination that is common among manufacturers, including Hypodermic syringes. 

Find Your Oxygen Sensing Solution

Have questions or want to learn more? Spectrecology has flexible options to rent or buy oxygen sensors for your next project. We provide complimentary technical support on all purchases and free consultations. Reach out and request a quote online to speak with our team.

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