48-Q- Short Path Length Flow Cell Sealed

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Cell Type 48 is designed for use in various applications where a flow cell with a small path length and a large window surface area is needed. Flow tubes are fused to the front window of the cell. The cells will fit any spectrophotometer which can accommodate a normal cell with a 40mm path length. This allows introduction of theinlet/outlet tubes parallel to the light beam.


Description:Starna Spectrophotometer Flow Cells
Physical Configuration:These linear flow cells have short pathlengths, linear flow and large aperture windows. The inlet/outlet tubes are fused to one of the windows and are parallel to the instrument's light beam. See a demonstration of sample flow
Primary use:Absorption measurement in useable range (see charts below)
Clear windows:Two
Instrument:Designed for use in spectrophotometers which can accomodate the inlet/outlet tubes that are parallel to the light beam.
Path lengths available:0.01, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5mm
Aperture dimensions:8 mm wide x 38 mm high
Available "Z" dimensions:should work with Z=15 or Z=20mm
Usage note:Check your instrument carefully to make sure that you have enough room for the inlet/outlet tubes and allow for a flexible tubing connection. The thickness of the cell and the length of the inlet/outlet tubes is approximately 24mm. You should allow at least another 10mm for the flexible tubing.
Connections:Quartz tubulations are permanently fused to the front window of the cell, allow for simple and secure push on or sleeved connections using flexible tubing such as silicone rubber, PTFE or PVC. The inlet/outlet tubulations are approximately 2mm ID, 4mm OD and 16mm long.
Window material: Spectrosil Quartz or equivalent, useable range: 170 to 2700 nm
48-Q-0.010.0112.52.64580.013815 or 200.0032
48-Q- or 200.0302
48-Q- or 200.0602
48-Q-0.50.512.534580.53815 or 200.1502
48-Q-1112.53.545813815 or 200.3002
48-Q-2212.54.545823815 or 200.6002
48-Q-5512.57.545853815 or 201.5602

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