583F Style Fluorescence Flow Cell M6 threads

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Type 583-F Starna flow through cells are designed to fit most standard fluorometers. The inlet/outlet tubes are connected with a threaded M6 connector with PTFE tubing attached. A pair of M6 connectors is supplied with the type 583 cell. The cells have three clear windows. The excitation beam passes through the cell, which also allows the cell to be used for absorbtion spectroscopy as well. The emmission window is at 90 degrees to the excitation windows. These Starna cuvette cells are available in several configurations offering a range of sample volumes. The 'Z' dimension is the distance from the bottom of the cell holder to the center of the excitation beam. It is important to match the cell 'Z' dimension with that of your instrument.

Description:Starna Fluorometer Flow Cells
Physical Configuration:Flowcell which with standard configuration and with small volumes
Primary use:Fluorometric analysis in useable spectral range (see charts below)
Clear windows:Three
Instrument:Designed for use in most fluorometers
Path lengths available:1, 3, 10 mm
Available 'Z' dimensions:15 and 20mm
Usage note:This flowcell many fluorometers. Be sure to check the 'Z' dimension of your fluorometer to make sure the the sample chamber is aligned with the exciataion beam of your instrument.
Connections:The internally threaded jacket matches the M6 threaded connectors supplied with the cell, to make a secure connection tested to 75 psi. The tubing is PTFE with a 1.7mm ID, a 0.7mm ID and a length of 400mm (approx).
Window material: Spectrosil Quartz or equivalent, useable range: 170 to 2700 nm
NumbermmmmmmmmmmmmmmWxH mmWxH mmmmmlWindows
583.1F-Q-1/Z15112.512.53511111 x 111 x 11150.0113
583.2.2F-Q-10/Z151012.512.53521022 x 210 x 2150.0403
583.2.2F-Q-10/Z201012.512.53521022 x 210 x 2200.0403
583.4.2F-Q-10/Z151012.512.53541024 x 210 x 2150.0803
583.4.2F-Q-10/Z201012.512.53541024 x 210 x 2200.0803
583.3F-Q-3/Z15312.512.53533113 x 113 x 11150.1003
583.4F-Q-10/Z151012.512.535410114 x 1110 x 11150.4403

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Additional information

Z dimension

15 mm, 20 mm

chamber aspect

1 x 11, 2 x 2, 3 x 11, 4 x 11, 4 x 2