71-Q-10 Quartz Flow Cell, Absorbance

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Quartz cells have excellent transmission from 170nm - 2700nm and excellent chemical resistance as well. This quartz flow cell has two clear sides and tubing connectors to bring samples through the measurement region. Type 71 Standard, and 72 Semi-Micro series flow cells are suitable for use with instruments which have either 8.5 or 15 mm 'Z' dimensions, where the volume of the sample available is not a critical factor.

Description:Starna Spectrophotometer Flow Cells
Physical Configuration:Flowcell which makes maximum use of the cell dimensions to give the largerst possible aperature both vertically and in width.
See a demonstration of sample flow
Primary use:Absorption measurement in useable range (see charts below)
Clear windows:Two
Instrument:Designed for use in all spectrophotometers
Path lengths available:1, 10 mm
Most commonly used path length:10 mm
Aperture dimensions:7 mm wide x 40 mm high
Available 'Z' dimensions:can be used with all Z dimensions
Usage note:This flowcell should fit any standard spectrophotometer. The type 71B has black quartz walls to mask either side of the windows.
Connections:Quartz tubulations, permanently fused to the top of the cell, allow for simple and secure push on or sleeved connections using flexible tubing such as silicone rubber, PTFE or PVC
Window material: Spectrosil Quartz or equivalent, useable range: 170 to 2700 nm
71-Q-101012.512.54871040fits all3.0002
71B-Q-1112.512.5487140fits all0.3002Self Masking
71B-Q-101012.512.54871040fits all3.0002Self Masking

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