Electronic TTL Shutter


  • Detailed Product Description:

    Electronic TTL Shutter for mounting between fibers

Ocean Insight offers a variety of accessories for controlling and attenuating the light in your spectrometer sampling setups. Options include fiber optic switches, shutters and variable attenuators.

  • Fiber optic switch - routes and controls light in a spectrometer configuration comprising a single source
  • Electronic shutter - installs between two collimating lenses and allows you to block the light path for dark measurements
  • Attenuator - opto-mechanical device that helps control the amount of light (signal) transmitted between two fibers



Connector: SMA 905
Shutter Input: 5 Hz (TTL maximum)
Dimensions: 140 mm x 50 mm x 50 mm
Weight: ~600 g


Power Consumption:100 mA (maximum)
Power Requirements:(power supply included)