Inline Filter Holder


  • Detailed Product Description:

    In-line Filter Holder, 200-2000 nm

When coupled to an Ocean Insight miniature spectrometer, the FHS-UV is a handy tool for measuring absorbance/transmission and other optical characteristics of filters. The FHS-UV accepts round filters up to 25.4 mm (1”) diameter, and square filters >12.7 mm (0.5”) and up to 6 mm (0.24”) thickness, and is a convenient alternative to awkward optical filter setups.

  • Convenient – ideal fixture for measurement of optical filters
  • Flexible – accommodates filters up to 25 mm diameter and 6 mm thickness
  • Collimated light – includes a pair of collimating lenses to optimize throughput


Dimensions: 50.6 mm x 140 mm x 43.1 mm (LWH)
Maximum Filter Thickness: 6 mm
Assembly Base: Aluminum
Assembly Collimating Lenses: Quartz lenses (2), 5 mm diameter, f/2
Distance from center of light beam to sample: ~0.575 mm
Bulb Life: 900 hours
Lens Connectors: SMA 905
Size of Light Beam at Sample: ~5 mm (circular)
Wavelength Range: 200nm - 2μm
Weight: 240 g