Interchangable Slits

Precision laser-cut slit and aperture assemblies in Ocean Insight spectrometers provide users with a degree of measurement flexibility not typically available with most spectrometers.

Spectroscopy is a technique in which the design criteria exist as a set of trade-offs. For example, a smaller slit yields higher optical resolution but decreases throughput. Also, changing the slit requires spectrometer rework that has to be performed at the manufacturer’s facility. With replaceable slits, users can change the spectrometer’s performance directly in the field. Changing slits can be accomplished within minutes, with minimal tinkering.

Please note: You can use the no-slit aperture assembly, INTSMA-000, to increase throughput.




  • Interchangeable spectrometer slits - round SMA aperture-slit assembly available for most Ocean Insight spectrometers
  • Measurement flexibility - replacement slits to change spectrometer performance on the fly
  • Multiple options - aperture-slit assembly sizes from 5 µm-200 µm, plus an aperture-only (no slit) version and a kit comprising 5 um, 10 um 25 um, 50 um 100 um, and 200 um slits