Pulsed Xenon Light Source



  • Detailed Product Description:

    Pulsed Xenon Lamp, 220 Hz, 220-750 nm, ~5500 hrs at 50 Hz

The PX-2 Pulsed Xenon Lamp is a high flash rate, short-arc xenon lamp with output from 220-750 nm.

The PX-2 operates at speeds up to 220 Hz and offers excellent pulse-to-pulse stability. It can be triggered by an external TTL pulse and offers software control of the flash rate.

Spectrometer sampling can be altered so that a variable number of flashes are observed during each integration period. For example, in Single Mode operation, a single flash occurs during each integration period so you can easily synchronize both the xenon lamp and detector. In Multiple Mode, a steady, consistent light exposure is provided for each integration period, ensuring reliable absorbance and reflection measurements.

  • Adjustable flash rate - optimizes measurements of light-sensitive samples
  • Simple operation - software control of flash rate and synchronization
  • Reliable performance - excellent pulse-to-pulse stability for long measurements




Average Output Power: 9.9 W
Wavelength Range: 220nm - 750nm
Source: Pulsed Xenon
Pulse Duration: 5 μs (at 1/3 height of pulse)
Pulse Power: 45 microjoules/pulse (maximum)
Pulse Rate: Multiple mode: up to 220 Hz Single mode: 1 – 220 Hz
Source Lifetime: 10⁹ pulses (estimated 230 days continuous operation @ 50 Hz pulse rate)
Warm-up Time: None


Shutter: Yes
Fiber Connector: SMA 905
Dimensions: 14 cm x 10.5 cm x 4 cm
Integrated Filter Holder: No
Power Consumption: 1.3 A @ 11V @ 220 Hz, 100 mA @ 12V @ 10Hz
Trigger/Shutter Input Connection: SUB-D-15 pin
Trigger/Shutter Input Signal: TTL; 1-220 Hz
Weight: 6 kg