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    Detailed Product Description:

    OceanView spectroscopy software with graphical user interface; 1 license (2 installations, accessible by download only from our secure server)

    Detailed Product Description:

    OmniDriver and SPAM together for one price

    Detailed Product Description:

    Java-based Spectroscopy Software Driver Package for select Windows, Macintosh and Linux operating systems

Spectrecology provides software tools at varying levels of complexity to meet the spectroscopic analysis and automation needs. OmniDriver is a Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux operating system package that allows you to write custom solutions for our spectrometers. OceanView 2.0 is a smooth and powerful new version of our flagship spectroscopy application. The software runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and controls Spectrecology's spectrometers.

OceanView Installation and Operation Manual

OmniDriver Programming Manual


OceanView 2.0 is a powerful new version of our signature desktop spectroscopy application. The software has a smoother graphical interface and provides faster, more stable data acquisition and processing.

The enhanced OceanView 2.0 GUI also has new icons and better visual contrast to reduce eyestrain. Other changes have boosted software functionality for a more robust, streamlined experience. OceanView is compatible with 32-/64-bit operating systems running Windows, MacOS or Linux.

OceanView 2.0 allows you to design your own measurement procedures using a “visual schematic” view that lets you drag-and-drop spectrometers, transform functions and display nodes to automate your unique post-processing workflow.


System Requirements:

Communication Buses:
USB (all models), RS232 (QEPro and STS), Ethernet (Jaz)
HD Space:
300 MB free space
Monitor Resolution:
1024 X 768 or higher
Number of Licenses:
Operating Systems:
Windows 7/8.x/10, MacOS X 10.7.3, Linux 32/64
Intel Core II Duo @ 1.4 GHz or better, Intel Core Duo @ 2.0 GHz or better, AMD Athlon Neo X2 @ 1.6 GHz or better, Intel Atom @ 2.13 GHz or better, AMD Athlon 64 x2 @ 1.7 GHz or better
1.5 GB or higher
Upgrade from Spectrasuite:

OmniDriver + SPAM

OmniDriver is the premier device driver platform for control of all Spectrecology spectrometers. With it, you can configure acquisition parameters, retrieve spectra, set triggering options, and the like.

OmniDriver supports these platforms:

  • Supports 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows (XP/7/8), Linux (32/64-bit), and Mac OS X
  • Can be called from Java (via OmniDriver.jar), .NET languages including C# and Visual Basic .NET (via NETOmniDriver.DLL), C/C (via DLL, .so, and .dylib respectively)
  • Supports .NET-capable frameworks like LabVIEW and tools supporting Java .jars (MATLAB). Please note that we do not provide a wrapper interface (DLL) for MATLAB. We only offer tools supporting Java .jar files that will allow you to work in conjunction with MATLAB.

SPAM (Spectral Processing and Math Library) is for people who like writing their own linear regression and LU decompositions; some prefer to pull a tested implementation from a DLL or jar. Some can breeze through u’v’ and CIE L*a*b* transforms, while others would as soon call a handy function. Whenever you’d like a breather, feel welcome to lean on SPAM’s industrial-strength signal-processing and colorspace routines to make spectral processing a point-and-click exercise. Fully LabVIEW compatible, and available in all your favorite .NET, .so, and .dylib flavors.