At Spectrecology, we provide systems that offer more convenience, flexibility and accuracy in optical sensing applications. Our product lineup includes a selection of compact and modular, pre-configured spectral systems that we can scale to match your specific needs.

Our spectral systems comprise hardware, software and other features optimized for specific applications and measurement techniques. Talk to our team about the testing you need to complete, and we’ll recommend the best systems for you.

Browse Pre-Configured Spectral Systems

The systems we carry will provide you with accurate data fast. They are affordable units that can help you save the time and expenses associated with outsourced testing procedures. Plus, our products will deliver the performance you need based on your desired measurement.

Handheld Analyzers

Our handheld systems for light measurement and Raman analysis provide a compact and convenient way to measure liquids and solids. These devices are easy for users of any experience level to learn how to use.

Available options include the:

Bench Top Analyzers

Our catalog includes benchtop systems for colorimetric analysis and Raman spectroscopy. These devices are advanced products that detect and measure the chemical composition of a range of different sample types with extreme precision. They are ideal for low- to medium-volume laboratory applications, including medical, government, food and beverage, manufacturing and pharmaceutical operations. 

Options include products for performing calorimetry and fluorometry:

Pre-Configured Ocean Optics Systems

We have an impressive selection of pre-configured ocean optics products from Ocean Insight — a global leader in applied spectral knowledge and technology. This collection includes products suitable for educational, research and commercial applications.

Discover our selection of pre-configured systems:

  • Educational Kit
  • Raman Kit
  • NIR Laser Characterization Kit
  • Optical Transmission Kit
  • Fluorescence Kit
  • Reflectance Kit
  • HighSpeed Radiometer Kit

Discover Our Selection of Pre-Configured Systems

Spectrecology carries modular spectral measurement systems at competitive prices. We also rent equipment by the week or month to provide excellent resources for short-term projects. Leasing a unit also lets you try a device before committing to a purchase, as well as take part in our rent to buy opportunity. Our team will help you determine which options provide the best value for your organization and ensure you have everything you need to collect data.

Connect with us today to learn more about the different systems we offer. Request a quote using our form or fill out our contact form with your general inquiry and a team member will be in touch shortly!