At Spectrecology, we carry a wide selection of modular spectral measurement solutions. Our expert team works with companies of all sizes to provide advanced solutions across multiple industries, including pharmaceuticals, food and beverage businesses, manufacturing, biofuels, cosmetics production, and more.

Our accessories include a selection of products designed for free-space measurements. We also have solid and liquid sampling devices to measure absorbance, color and more. We’ll work with you to find the products you need to efficiently collect and analyze data at incredible speeds with precision accuracy.

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Our complete catalog of accessories includes dozens of products that you can use in conjunction with or for modifying various devices. These products are compatible with Ocean Insights spectrometers. You can use our devices to overcome challenges, improve system processes and get better results.

Fiber Optics and Adapter Accessories

We have an extensive list of fiber optics accessories, including patch cords, bifurcations and optical fiber assemblies for sale. We also have light filters, switches, shutters and variable attenuators available for added system control. These products are the perfect solution for configuring imaging equipment for your specific processes and adjusting it for optimal function.

Light Measurement Accessories

Our inventory of light measurement accessories includes solutions that you can use to collect, diffuse, funnel and guide and adjust your light source for your measurement processes. The products we offer include optical lenses and diffusers, fiber optic integrating spheres and mounts to attach SMA 905 optical fiber light sources to your device.

Absorbance Measurement Accessories

Our accessories for absorbance measurements include everything you need to improve measurement data accuracy and sampling process efficiency. These products include items designed for use with your cuvettes, along with a variety of probing tools and associated products that offer distinct benefits and advantages for your applications.

Raman Spectroscopy Accessories

If your processes include collecting scattered light on the Raman spectrum, we’ll help you improve the way you gather and process this data with versatile solutions for virtually any application. Our available accessories include advanced Raman probes, sample holders and sensitive SERS substrates made with gold and silver.

Replacement Parts

We also carry replacement parts for Ocean Insight spectrometers. These items let you modify your equipment to ensure it fulfills its optimal capabilities. Options include various laser-cut slit and aperture assemblies, replacement bulbs for light sources and cords that you can use to connect modular devices with each other or a computer.

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At Spectrecology, we invented the first miniature fiber optic spectrometer. In the 30 years since that innovation, we’ve added over 3,000 more products to our portfolio. We have the experience, skill and cutting-edge technology to help you design the ideal system for your applications equipped with all the right accessories.

Reach out to us today to get in touch with an expert and request a quote. We’ll guide you toward the best solutions for your needs and budget.