Find cuvettes for samples in a variety of sizes and optical materials.

Quality Cuvettes for Precise Spectral Analysis

At Spectrecology, we carry a wide range of modular spectral measurement solutions, including a broad selection of premium-quality cuvettes. These products provide the vessels necessary to house liquid substances during chemical analysis using spectrometers.

Our inventory includes a diverse selection of cuvettes produced by Ocean Insight. These cuvettes are specifically designed to allow measurements without interfering with light waves. We have options in the sizes, styles and materials you need to complete your processes and get accurate results.

Quartz Cells for Absorbance

These quartz cells/cuvettes have two transparent windows for measuring absorbance.

You can choose options for volume, pathlength, open vs. stoppered, beam height (or “z” dimension) and more.

Glass Cuvettes

Glass spectrophotometer cuvettes are less expensive than quartz, and have a smaller transmission range – 320 to 2500nm.

Selecting the Right Cuvette for Your Application

Finding the right cuvette begins with choosing the correct material. Glass and quartz each offer distinct advantages. Factors like cost, transparency and work environment influence which material will deliver the maximum benefit for your unique application.

The two most common types of cuvettes include:


  • Glass: Glass cuvettes are an affordable and efficient option often used in classroom settings. The glass performs well in the VIS (Visible) and IR (infrared) spectrums. Light absorption increases at lower wavelengths with glass cuvettes, making them less effective when exposed to UV (ultraviolet) light sources.
  • Quartz: Quartz cuvettes feature better absorption across a broader wavelength range, making them suited for use in spectrometers using UV, VIS and IR light sources. Quartz is the more transparent material of the two and offers greater advantages in processes using any light wavelengths where you need the highest sample purity.


We also offer specialty cuvettes, including flow-through cuvettes designed to connect via tubing and cuvettes designed specifically for IR applications. Other factors to consider when selecting your cuvettes are shape, size, volume and the processes you intend to complete. With dozens of options to choose from, we have what you’re looking for at the right cost. Our experts will help you select the tools that provide you with the performance capabilities you need for your applications.

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